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September 11th Remember, hopefully lessons too.

A chapter in the book A Lasting Peace Without the Tears

When Towers Fall

by Mike K2

Death applies its
own makeup base,
making reality...
Covering the illusions
of carnival painted faces.

Midway atmosphere of life is dust choked,
now barely breaching from shock is hope;
yet, -that dust absorbs victim's tears
and human bastion;
preventing the emotional mascara
from running in dramatic fashion.

Revealed for the masks of near death,
eyes wide open, now showing soulful breath.
Tongues are tied, allowing the mind
to speak to those now muted.
Through the confusion, the evil
manifesting itself can no longer be disputed.

Screaming though the popped eardrums of thought;
the fact that planes are no longer flying
is not the peace we all sought.

The towers stood again in us all,
as it was the time for those responsible to fall;
but even before the manhunt for evil began,
everyday people will step up to be spur
of the moment heroes again.

But like the people before that fateful day;
those closest to the evil roots
must stop running away.
While the towers falling are a yearly remembrance;
innocent victims of evil are a daily circumstance.

Leaders of all countries must realize
terrorists are an evil, not an excused means;
and have to become the forefather's
of what is right over wrong,
to give courage to wipe out evil
and silence the victim's screams.


The photographs,were obtained though Wikipedia's image gallery and are as such considered public domain for us. The photograph in the upper right hand corner was taken by Don Hensley, New York Post and was released into the public domain by Don Hensley. The image is titled, "Dust covered 911victims. jpg which was titled by library staff. I have not modified it in any way, except to size it into its window.

The main photo was taken the New York Office of Emergency Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency and as such is considered public domain. The image is titled, "File:911-tower-collapse.jpg" This image has been modified by me to eliminate the imprinted type of, "WTC-& and the red arrow pointing to the building. Also the water that was in the right was removed to make room for the previous image. The photograph that the poem is on was also taken from a portion of the tower collapse photo and also modified to create a clear canvas for the poem.

I am not in a 911 mood and decided it was best to take my time in penning the poem, and remained unconcerned with any time constraints.

I think for the most part, there may not be another successful terrorist attack on our soil, but every time I think about September 11, 2001 and still remember that many people are dying from terrorist attacks on a daily basis, to me the same old song, and in part I blame the countries leaders for sending out mixed messages or trying to buy peace with people who only use it as a means of delay and gaining of their strength to carry out more terrorist attacks. Hell, the administration of our country is stupid enough to pay the very terrorists for secure passage of our supplies in the war zone. Where the hell do they think the people us the money we give them? It just continues and to me, terrorists are not part of any religion, but of evil and I honestly feel that if the country's leaders set that tone and fight them, there will be far fewer terrorists, and they will be far weaker to boot.

While this is geared towards terrorism, I can't help but think of Baltimore, my own city and it's fight over crime. Rationalizing it or overcomplicating it is why it flourishes so much in my area. Lately the politicians say all the numbers are down, but the reality on the streets and people's observations doesn't support their facts. Again I see crime as an evil with the dividing line when it makes victims out of innocent people simply concerned with daily life.

I had worked a harsh double shift and was intent on remaining asleep when my wife at that time barged in and started screaming about terrorists bombing buildings with planes. It was so unbelievable I asked if she was listening to 98ROCK as I thought it was some bit or something. I got about another half-hour of sleep yet, not a restful one so I went downstairs and flipped on FOX News, just in time to see the second plane hit. I knew then, life as it was, was all over. Most people didn't say a thing, except, "Damn."

The skys were blue and clear, but all I could hear is Pink Floyd's song, "Goodbye, Blue Sky." Except the child's words were replaced with, "Look Mommy, there are not planes up in the sky." All of a sudden, I wanted to hear that sound I learned to ignore.
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