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This work has reached the exceptional level
How depression feels for the sufferer

A chapter in the book I Give You My Best!

I Will Always Love You

by Gypsymooncat

I'm feeling down today,
but I will always love you

I long to disappear or reinvent myself
would that make me authentic?
I want to bury my body and soul six feet under
yet I'm petrified of the dark; the lack of air
and that makes me a coward

I go away sometimes because I can't stay
when all I do is bring you down
I'm so tired, my very core aches
though I feel nothing

Despair is often all I know
but I can't talk to you about that
well, not too much anyway
And I know I blame you for it all
when I'm tired of blaming myself

I hear your car coming down the drive
and experience something like
excitement. She's home!
What will I talk about?
Did I have a good day?
There's nothing to say
for today was like yesterday

Now here you are, all smiles and chatter
I silently scream for you to be quiet
because I have nothing to smile or chatter about
I am all out...

It's when these phases come that I ask:
Why do you come home to me?
Why do you care?
Why do you love me?

These three questions I've asked
more than once, and your reply
never changes:

"I will always love you"


Haven't a lot of us been there? Have we not wondered what the sufferer thinks or feels, or experiences some days?

Depression is a state that affects so many, but too many try to hide it. It's not something that can be hidden. It occurs all too often these days, in this fast paced world we live in. The soft-hearted suffer. Those who don't feel they fit in, suffer. And more men than women seem to suffer in silence. We need to understand, not to judge.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you also, pattigirl, for the very appropriate and wonderful, art!
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