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A chapter in the book Faces of Love

Faces of Love

by lightink

NaPoWriMo 2016 (30 Poems in April) Contest Winner 

what if Love was a firefighter,
an astronaut
or an undertaker?

how many faces of love do you know?

with delicious moody musings,
is it intrusive
or amusing?

do you want more or less of love
what's too much?
what's not enough?

would you walk through
house of mirrors
seeing your face in every lover?

Feeling your loss and your glee
inside a land of fantasy?

don't peek
don't hide



NaPoWriMo 2016 (30 Poems in April)
Contest Winner


This is a collection of "love poems" I create that uses different professions as metaphors for relationship styles. Each piece embodies the voice of the person having that profession, talking to the person/thing the profession is related to.
These poems are created to celebrate the NaPoWriMo.
Thousand thanks to Dovey for sponsoring this even and holding it together with her steady presence and encouragement.

All poems in this book follow the same format (except the prologue)
I named this form "sonnetino" - after the Italian word for sonnet "sonetto". It's a teeny sonnet, that's similar to the Shakespearean Sonnet due to the closing couplet, but it seem to follow the logic of the Petrarchan Sonnets instead.


-A five line poem (quintrain), comprising a tercet and couplet
-Rhyme Scheme, aaabb
-Written in iambic pentameter.
-The tercet presents a scene or conflict,
and the closing couplet offers conclusion or resolution (with an optional turn)

The poems in this book:

1, The Hunter's Love
2, The Astronaut's Love
3, The Bus Driver's Love
4, The Firefighter's Love
5, The Soldier's Love
6, The Conductor's Love (to SweetLinda)
7, The Meteorologist's Love (to Ciliverde)
8, The Painter's Love (to Dorothy F.)
9, The Antique dealer's Love (to Teresa)
10, The Policeman's Love (to Ray)
11, The Window Washer's Love (to Gynt)
12, The Navigator's Love (to Tony, and Debbie Noland)
13, The Dietitian's Love (to Debbie J)
14, The Sculptor's Love (to Rose)
15, The Heart Surgeon's Love
16, The Winemaker's Love
17, The Prostitute's Love
18, The Beekeeper's Love
19, The Photographer's Love
20, The Ultrasound Technician's Love
21, The Nun's Love
22, The Blacksmith's Love
23, The Disaster Worker's Love
24, The Lamplighter's Love
25, The Snake Charmer's Love
26, The Prison Guard's Love
27, The Homemaker's Love
28, The Quantum Physicist's Love
29, The Poet's Love
30, The Undertaker's Love
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