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A cold, hard lesson from two cats-

by djeckert

A cold, hard lesson from two cats-

I want to share with you all a cold, hard lesson I learned from two cats:

The beautiful, young creature somehow found itself masterless; without family, without even a friend or ally in the cold, death gripping void of the wanton wilderness. The freezing rain was ceaseless and the already freezing temperatures were dropping fast.

Up on the hill, was a warm, humble abode filled with radiant light.
To that lonely freezing, friendless and dying kitty, that house looked in his eyes probably like some kind of heaven.

The master of the house took some pity on the kitty and sent some of his children out to the bitter wilderness to feed from their hands some lovingly provided food for the starved, lost kitty to sustain itself.

This kitty was MUCH appreciative. He lapped up the food AND the greatly needed affection with a wreckless, desperate abandon.
But everything around pointed at the impending doom for this creature if something merciful was not done.

Although the master of the house knew that this creature needed to be saved from the cruel, insatiable heartless beast that it faced, he thought to himself :
"My home already has enough cats in it, I really DON'T need another".

Amongst the cries from the children "Can we!, Can we keep him Dad? Can we bring him into the house? He's freezing and he's soooo cute!",
The master continued a debate between himself and his bride.
"Perhaps, we can take in this poor, love-filled kitty... or maybe not, we can hold off a decision shortly... at least until the freezing temperatures REALLY get cold."

Meanwhile that kitty, stuck in it's own hell, grew colder, grew weaker and grew closer to it's demise.

Concurrently, one of the safe, beloved cats within the well protected confines of the warm house slipped past the foot of one of the masters' children and out the door into the wicked wilderness. (For who knows but God why these creatures do the things they do?)

The two precious creatures disappeared into that stark, dark, heartless, bone chillingly ravenous wilderness for three days, without even a trace of them to be seen.

This all left the non committal master very distressed.
He envisioned any number of deadly, devouring demises for now TWO of God's beautiful creatures.

Envisioning a near dead, helpless feline being attacked by a coyote, fox, a predatory bird, or just frozen emaciation, he would heart brokenly ask himself:
"Why had I been so selfish, and not put the lost kitty's needs above my own selfish desires?, For it really wouldn't have cost me much of anything at all to save this desperate creature.
And now, even one of my once thought of as safe, beloved creatures had somehow wandered out of it's own protective, heaven like kingdom."
(It might have made this decision to run out into the wilderness itself, but that really didn't lessen the burden of the potential of loss for the master.)

The master developed a greater appreciation for his Grace filled God, the REAL Master.

"Wow" he thought.
"God calls for us to love and be selfless, so that ALL of His lost and lonely creatures can be enticed into coming into HIS glorious Mercy, Love and Grace. I failed miserably at this commission with even some lowly cats."

It was even more of a blatantly stark and hard lesson to the
"master" of the house when he bundled up, and sent out his only son into the bitter cold "wild" to seek for and hopefully save these lost cats.

Praise the Lord his son DID locate and rescue that little kitten who WAS mightily close, I think, to succumbing to the weather ; and that other cat that ran off was able also to find his way back to the warmth and security of the house.

Lessons of God's Love, Mercy AND Grace were certainly learned by THIS lowly man last winter.

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