Mystery and Crime Fiction posted July 14, 2016

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This is about a girl who went to jail for a fateful crime.

Half My Life

by Cory G

"Why didn't someone stop me?" But she already knew the answer to that. Tears rolled down Laura's face as she slammed her fists on the cold hard table. She swiped the tears away with the back of her hand then pushed a loose chunk of hair behind her ear.

Terry hesitated, then skirted the question like all good lawyers do. She looked down at the concrete beneath her feet, drummed her fingers on the table, then neatly laced them together before putting on a smile and looking at Laura. "You're getting out today, Laura. You should be happy!"

But she wasn't. Laura was terrified of what life had to offer her on the outside. She'd been in the slammer going on ten years.

"If someone had stopped me I wouldn't have been in here almost half my life!" Laura stood up quickly. The flimsy metal chair she was sitting on flew backwards and flipped over crashing to the floor. She sunk into a corner, raking her fingers, nails chewed to the quick, down the brick wall. Deep, shuddering sobs escaped from the darkest places within her. The crimson-black places that twined around her heart and snaked their way through every crevice in the maze of her mind, making it near impossible for her to think straight, like on that fateful night so many years ago that changed her life forever. "Where am I going to go? I have no one."

Terry got up and crouched beside Laura. "We've got a place for you to live in another city and a job lined up for you at a library. I know how much you love to read. It will be a perfect fit."

"But I have no one," Laura said again meekly. And that was true. She picked at an imaginary piece of fuzz on her bright orange uniform.

Terry sighed, then stood up and crossed her arms. She knew Laura was referring to her family. "No, you don't. But you'll meet people. You'll make new friends. You'll have a new name and no one will know your crime. You'll have a fresh start."

Laura knew she'd be protected because she was just a kid when she committed the unforgivable crime. But it was Josh's idea. She did it for him. She loved him and would do anything for him. He stole the gun and told Laura that getting rid of her parents was the only way they could be together and like a fool she believed him. Her parents couldn't stop her from being with Josh -- even though they tried. But she wouldn't listen. They tried grounding her but she'd sneak out with Josh anyway. They constantly fought about Josh and Laura constantly defied them. Nothing Laura's parents said or did mattered, and on a warm, sunny afternoon in mid August, Laura shot her parents dead in their own backyard. After all this time, Laura knew deep down there was no one to blame but herself.

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