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Going back to New York

First ride On Grey Hound Bus

by misscookie

I believe for the longest I brought evil and hardship on myself.

My first love was a sailor, left my family to go to Chicago and marry.
Of course I wasn't running away from a messed up family.
My mother raised four children alone and did a great job.
One would say I was looking for love in the wrong places or, from the wrong people.
Found out I was expecting, it took him nine months too tell me he was to young to marry... the fool was twenty-five.
I just graduated from High school was to start College that fall now my dreams are on hold..
Belly high I boarded the Grey Hound Bus back to New York.
I remember the driver asking."Do you think'you should be traveling in your late state?"
Every time he hit a bump in the road he would ask"How are you going?'
I told him I was going to have my baby in New York no matter what!
I don't know who was the happiest when we reach New York him or me
After a long ride on the Long Island train I finally got a cab to my mother's home.
That when It hit me, she doesn't know I'm back with a baby on the way.
When I got to the front door it was locked. so was the other door.
Lucky me one of the living-room windows was unlocked.
What a job I had climbing into the living room with a big belly.
I had to look like jumbo the elephant.
After taking a shower I took a much needed rest.
I was awakened by mama voice "What the hell is this?"
I burst our crying and told her my story.
God bless my mother what a wonderful person she is.
After I told her the shocking story and we finished dinner we made plans for me to stay with her until I had the baby, got a job, and found my own place
Mama said "You're not only an adult but, a mother with responsibility so get use to the fact, young lady, your free time is over."
It was rough, but thanks be to God and my mother, I had a handsome little boy who I name Charles. He was my Prince Charles born on Saint Patty Day my mother nick named him "chocolate"
I knew when I was with child and I would forget my own unstable and unpleasant childhood with the help of my loving mother. I felt like God had guided me through my faith,
I learned that for everything there is a season-and a reason.
The lord in His infinite wisdom brought me slowly through those dark, trying times.
His tender mercies renewed every morning, bringing light into my dismal life.
God also blessed me with a wonderful strong stern mother who was willing to accept and help provide for me and my baby.
guided me through my faith,
and granted me the blessing I currently enjoy in my All praise belongs to the lord who is faithful and merciful.

The Story you don't wan to tell writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
The Story you don't want to tell

I know mine. My story was when I let the world hurt me. But what is the one story you don't want to tell? What is one memory you have that you still are afraid to let lose of. Do you still blame yourself? Most of the world will not understand. Were you ashamed of your self back then. I think if you write the story, the one you don't want to write, you might find who you are.


"The will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not protect you".
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