Humor Fiction posted March 31, 2017

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Why did I eat that many?

Hotdog Contest

by Thomas Bowling

Why didn't somebody stop me? I finished second in the hotdog eating contest. If I knew I wouldn't win I would have never consumed fifty-nine of the bastards. What a nightmare, but it won't compare to the one I'm gonna have tonight. I pity my poor wife.

Who comes up with these competitions, the Marquis de Sades? Some demon from hell sent to punish gluttons? No one should be forced to undergo such torture. I survived, but just barely.

My friends cheered me on like Romans at the Coliseum. Like a fool I faced the champion. Only to get a thumbs down from the Emperor. The humiliation was complete as I gave back the majority of the dogs I had worked so hard to keep down.

I struggled through the competition only to find that the first prize was a gold painted hot dog. The second place finisher was awarded a real hotdog. I puked again.

Why didn't anybody stop me?

Why didn't someone stop me? writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story beginning with the words "Why didn't someone stop me?" Beyond the opening lines there are no rules. Maximum word count is 500 words.
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