General Poetry posted July 7, 2017

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A poem about the Titanic

Watery Grave

by frogbook

With tears in my eyes, and so much dismay,
I realize I'll not see the dawning of new day.
For our family's not rich, nay, really, quite poor,
So, we are delegated to this, the lowest of floors.

I peeked in above, oh, such lovely splendor.
Mum works up there, after shift, down they send her.
She's there now toiling and so is my brother,
I alone here, door locked, 'safe' with no other.

A scream catches in my throat as I feel rising water,
then, I hear my mother call out for her daughter.
But, those men at the stairs, won't let her pass,
words said about the poor, so cruel and so crass.

"You can't go down there, followin' orders, Madam,
just doin' what I'm told, I tell ya, I am."
I hear her protest, words sharp and voice strong.
He says, "Fine, but you'll find out you've done wrong."

I wait for some minutes, then hear the key in the lock,
and now the boat begins to violently rock.
I silently pray, 'Lord, help me, deliver me from....,'
The door is open and there is my Mom.

Just then there's a crack, an unimaginable sound,
Lights go out, water rushes in, all around,
I say, "Mommy, I'm scared." She says, "So am I.
She holds me tightly and looks toward the sky.

"Pray my darling, it's all we can do."
I say, "Mommy, I really love you."
As the water covers us we cling to each other,
So glad, not alone, embraced by my Mother.

The Titanic contest entry

There were 50 children who died on the Titanic. Only 1 was 1st class. The other 49 were the children of poorer families on the lower deck. Some passengers were found still clutching the bodies of their children, according to sources I have read.
The picture is a rendering of a 2nd class cabin.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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