General Fiction posted April 18, 2018

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Fog...two girls...and a canoe

The Fog

by Cory G

"I'm scared, Sissy," Maddie cried in a soft whimper. She'd been crying for a long time and she didn't have much fight left in her. She had curled up in a tiny shivering ball on the floor of the canoe near Kayley.

Kayley sat on the wooden bench, her hands frozen on the oars. Water softly lapped on the sides of the canoe, rocking it gently. The air was growing colder and thick with fog as darkness fell around them. "I know, Maddie. Don't worry. Mom and Dad will find us. I know they will."

"Heeelllppp!" Kayley yelled again and again, her throat raw. Her hope of being found was fading but she couldn't let her little sister know. She needed to be strong for her. Besides, it was her idea that they go out on on the boat--something fun to do on a scorcher of a day in the middle of August while their parents were away. Kayley thought they must be home by now. She grabbed her phone from her back pocket and checked the time. It was almost ten o'clock at night. If only she could text them or call them, then they'd be all right. But out on the lake, God-knows-where, Kayley had no bars and no contact with anyone.

Heavy mist closed in on the boat and all around them. Kayley could barely see Maddie lying at her feet. But she could hear her deep, even breaths. Maddie had fallen asleep. And Kayley knew that she couldn't, she had to stay awake. What if the boat tipped over? They didn't have life jackets and Maddie couldn't swim. Their best bet was to wait until morning, until the fog burned off and she could safely row to shore.

Eventually Kayley's eyelids grew heavy and her head lolled to the side.


Kayley's eyes shot open and she sat bolt upright. Something had struck the side of the boat.


This time it struck harder.

Maddie woke up and started crying. " Sissy! Where are you?"

The fog was even thicker. Choking. "Stay down, Maddie. Don't get up!"

"Where are you?" Maddie started to move around in the the blinding darkness for Kayley. She could hear her sandals scuff against the bottom of the boat, she was trying to stand up.


"I can't see you!" Maddie cried, continuing to shuffle around. "I want Mommy!"

Kayley knew she needed to remain calm but her heart pounded like a drum about to burst. "Maddie... you need to sit down."

The boat was rocking harder from side to side after being struck. Maybe it was a rock? Another boat? Were they near the shore?


There was no reply. The boat suddenly stopped moving and everything became still. Too still. And quiet.

"Maddie...are you there?" Kayley got down on her hands and knees and blindly felt around the sides and bottom of the boat for her sister.

There was nothing.

She was gone.

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