General Fiction posted November 20, 2018

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Misfortune Doubles the Pleasure

by fayesh

Oh boy!  Can’t wait to sit down and fill my face with turkey, gravy and all the fixings.

Honey!   The oven stopped working and the turkey is half-baked.

No! No! No!  Not today, not the only day of the year where I don’t have to live on pizza and fast food for dinner.

Just come and take a look, sweetie.  It might just be a minor problem.

All right, let’s see what happened.  Hmm, the knobs are working, but I don’t hear the gas.  The electric switch is fine, but no ignition.  What, in Tom Turkey’s name is going on?!!  I want to eat turkey!

Well, what are we going to do, honey?  Your parents and the kids will be here in an hour.

We are going to sit down and eat that turkey.  Give it to me.  I’m going to the Sevic’s next door.  They have two stoves.  I will ask, beg them, to allow us to use one of the ovens.

Great idea!  I’m sure they will help us.   You did fix Mr. Sevic’s car the other day.  He owes you one.

Honey, what took you so long?  Your parents and the kids are here.  We’ve been waiting for two hours.

Oh!  well, we started talking and then Mrs. Sevic insisted I stay for dinner while our turkey was cooking.  I couldn’t say no.

You had Thanksgiving dinner with them!
Yeah!  I did and it was delicious!   But don't get upset - I am going to have Thanksgiving dinner with you and the family too.  The turkey is done and this day could well be the greatest Thanksgiving of my life.  I can now live through another year of fast food for dinner.

Kids, your Dad is going to need the Pepto-Bismal and the downstairs bathroom, so avoid it.

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Thank you to BRUCEIORIO for the lovely artwork.
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