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An Abe Lincoln story

Just Doing His Job

by RodG

Blizzard Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

T'was late afternoon Christmas Eve as Postmaster Lincoln peered into the mail slots. All but one were empty.

"Can you close up the store, Will? I've letters here for Miz Edwards. Know she'll be wantin' them if they're from her son."

"There's a big 'un blowin' in, Abe, and her farm's three miles out. Wait 'til after--"

"No, wouldn't be right. I'll see she gets 'em for Christmas."

Lincoln wrapped his coat around his lanky body and stuffed the letters into his hat. Off he trudged across the already snow-ridged main street of New Salem and into the fields. At first he walked with the storm at his back, pushing him onward. Huge flakes twirled around him, then began pelting his beardless face. He used his big hands to sweep them from his eyes, but soon he could not see ahead. Walking backwards didn't help. His big footprints disappeared.

But even blind, Abe Lincoln knew this countryside well. He plunged on through the blizzard until he reached the split-rail fence he'd built around the Edwards homestead and followed it to the cabin's door.

He knocked.

"Abe Lincoln, what--?"

"Merry Christmas! Brought you these."'


"My pleasure, ma'am."

Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story that takes place during a blizzard. Maximum length is 200 words.

Blizzard Flash Fiction
Contest Winner

Artwork is courtesy of Google images.

This story is fiction but based upon many of the stories about Lincolnâ??s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. He had already earned the title HONEST ABE by this time.

The story is set in New Salem, Illinois around 1834. He is 24 and co-owns a general store. His partner is William Berry. He was also Postmaster for the tiny hamlet. He had recently run for the state legislature and lost; nevertheless, he was popular.

Earlier he had earned the nickname The Rail-Splitter because he split logs into rails used for fences.

He had not yet grown the famous beard, nor did he wear the stove-pipe hat that became famous when he became President Lincoln.

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