Horror and Thriller Fiction posted January 19, 2019

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Thriller short story


by Olivia Orr

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
There was a knock on the door. I put down my knife that I had been using for chopping onions and glanced at my husband, who was also in the kitchen. I exchanged a look with him, as if saying , "Who could that be?" He smiled and shrugged in response as I made my way to the door. I opened the door to reveal two policemen. I took a startled step back, confused as to why they were here.
"Ma'am I'm afraid I have some very unfortunate news." One the the police said while exchanging a look of sorrow with his partner.
"I'm afraid your husband has been murdered tonight," he continued. I froze, shocked, then gave a sigh of relief. This is all a mistake. I awkwardly laughed, "No, there's definitely been a misunderstanding. My husbands in the kitchen cooking dinner." The two policemen looked at each other with concern in their eyes.
"Can you show us, please?" I, of course, obliged and led them through the entry way towards the kitchen.
"Honey?" I called as I entered Into the kitchen. And there he was, his back was to us, but he was definitely there. I turned back towards the cops.
"See, my husbands alive and wel-" my sentence was cut short when I realized both policemen had their hands on their guns. What were they doing? I turned my confusion back towards my husband, but when I met the eyes of the man in front of me, I realized this is not my husband. These eyes didn't belong too my husband. Who was this man? He had been in my house with me. He... touched me. I covered my hand over my mouth to suppress a sob. "Oh, God." I choked out as the stranger began to walk towards me. Shots rang through the air and the man fell to the ground, lifeless. One of the cops walked over to the body. "Who- Who was that" I said as tears rolled down my face. "That," the officer said as he kneeled down to pull the man's eyelids down over his eyes, "was your husband's twin brother."

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