Writing Fiction posted January 30, 2019

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Grocery checkout perspectives

The Other Cart

by beencounter

Shifting his cart forward, Mark tapped his foot impatiently. Ahead an old lady searched for correct change; her hands shook with effort. The woman carefully placed each coin down on the counter. He was now late picking up the kids. Why did he always end up in the slow lane?

Eloise fished in her coin purse. The man edged his shopping cart forward. The line behind grew longer. Frantically, she searched for correct change. Then sighing with relief, the exact amount was found, and she handed it to the grocery clerk with trembling fingers. Why was everyone in a hurry?

Dualing Dribbles writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a pair of Dribble (50-word) Fictions that have nothing in common except their focus. For example, each Dribble could be the thoughts of two different athletes preparing for a marathon - the marathon is the thing they have in common. The possibilities are endless, but the challenge is to choose something to entertain and really capture the attention of the voters!

Sometimes I move too slowly in the checkout line, despite my best efforts. I hope the contrast between Mark and Eloise is conveyed.

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