General Fiction posted March 9, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
Mother Nature and her wonders.


by tempeste

Of all sea creatures big and small
the seahorse to me
is one of the strangest of them all.
Master of camouflage they can change colour
to blend within the sea grass , mangrovers and corals.
They have a snout and two eyes that poke out
4 tiny fins that slowly propel them about
but often they gladly glide with the flow
while in search for the perfect match.
Lovers court, dance, spin and swirl for hours
then finally the lady gives her partner a nudge
and while their tails are tightly clutched
she deposits her eggs in the male's pouch.
There fertilisation and development occur
then 21 days later papa 's belly contracts
expelling the newborn.
The fry then drift away
busy eating plankton on their way.
Humans are seahorses worst enemies
150 million pregnant males die each year
in favour of ancient Chinese remedies.
Caught and hung to dry in the torrid sun
they wriggle painfully until death comes.
Wanted as cute pets or charming souvenirs
this species will become instinct within 30 years.
This hideous trade must stop at once
if we want these quaint creatures
to have an ounce of a chance.

Story/Prose Poem contest entry

150 million is not a miss print ..what man will do for profit....people in this despicable trade are not even willing to wait until the pregnant fathers give birth.

The eggs ,as many as 2,000 at the time are fertilised by the male as they enter his pouch and rest their (depending on the species from 10 to 25 days) until they are ready to be born..they are immediately self-sufficient.

Newborn seahorses are called: fry.
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