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Her place in kind

Sanctuaries Of Her Heart

by RGstar

Sanctuaries Of The Heart

Her breast reminds an avocado parched, quenched; ill of wear
Its milk dried of forgetfulness, so long debased by fear
Her infant's shrill--a cry of hope, when hope was never near
On deaf ears fell; her subconscious yell, with many still to hear

So harsh the path in search of leaves, where once she knew
Wondering why the evergreens seemed ostentatiously blue
Avocado's milk--a figment of true, only fodder for a chosen few
When quiet her ask; rebuked in task--a price for a mother in lieu

How hardened then the soles of feet, lashed and duty bound
Pain she wore like a sequined gown, yet uttered not a sound
So silent spins a carousel, when at its end screams a reply
Yet, she, like an autumn mist evolves, utters not a sigh

Mother, if still lie, where they you lay, from the night steal away
For only wreathes in softened earth, sport broken flowers in May
Late thoughts in an afterlife so dwelled, your faith in each end a start
So I smile knowing that you reside, within sanctuaries of your heart

And how that day I should have with you walked, asking you to stay
When he, with scythe, came unannounced, with ingratitude to pay
He'd have scowled to hear me bray, Ma "Not this day, not this day"
For that breast once loaned, so returned, when on mine your head I lay

Sail on, Ma, beyond grey, to a place where hyacinth and rose stray
Let the light of your smile, clouds splay...forever my heart belay

Poem of the Month contest entry



I didn't make the hospital the day she passed, I was due to be there that same evening. Received the call whilst buying some fruit for her. Such our lives, especially when it is to a mother dear. For all our mothers.

Best wishes.

Written with an open syllable count.
Backdrop music, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Rolling Stones (Angie)

Debased= reduced in quality or value.
Ostentatiously=characterized by pretentious or showy display
Belay=binding an object to...securing to
bray= bellow, loud, harsh cry, ( synonymous with donkey or mule)
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