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Do you see Him?

Where God Dwells

by Sally Law

I share today what I know personally about God; what I perceive to be true of His nature.

The first time I noticed God, I was very young, speaking to Him as if He was right next to me.

The majority of my day was spent outdoors, playing and walking.

This was typical for me because my parents were divorced, my mother raising four children single-handedly and never learning to drive.

I saw all God had made, the reality of Him visible in the created world around me.

In my native Georgia, the tall, fragrant pine trees sprout white crosses in the spring around Easter. Nothing is coincidence in God's created world, I supposed early on.

I also developed a love for science, astronomy and the Bible. My elementary teachers were allowed to pray, read and teach from this sacred book. I was starved to hear such wonderful things, never hearing them at home. In those days, creationism was taught in the classroom.

"The Majesty in the Heavens" is one of God's many titles, as described in Hebrews 8:1. I saw "His Majesty" early on, as well.

My family's life was in a mess though, and sometimes I wondered if God noticed.

Many days I felt alone, my mother working and riding the bus to and from her modest job as a bookkeeper. The long weekdays would overwhelm me with responsibilities. I talked to God out loud about this, wondering why my life was not like that of my friends at school who had both a mother and a father--a house instead of a two-bedroom apartment.

Then, one day, I knew without a doubt, I was not alone--and that God was not only watching me, but loved me very much.

Walking down a desolate country road from school one afternoon, I was attacked by a dog. I was only seven years old. I screamed for God to help me as I fought off the dog. A man appeared out of nowhere dressed in utility clothes and saved me. Wrapping my blood-soaked leg in his work shirt, he ran as he carried me almost a mile to where his truck was parked. He brought me safely to my family's doctor and then was gone just as quickly as he had appeared. I never spoke of my doctor's name and wondered how the kind stranger knew where to take me for medical assistance. (I write about this in "The Scent of Fear," to be re-posted along with this.) I believe to this day he was an angel sent to help me.

My quest to find God and meaning in life continued.

As I grew, school became more important for socializing. I wanted to be a cheerleader more than anything and practiced for hours every day. The sorority I belonged to became the center of my universe, drawing me away from the things of God.

God began to feel distant to me during those years, and I didn't like it. I just didn't know how to make a personal connection.

My mother's second marriage was failing and I wasn't sure what to do about it. My prayers for her seemed to hit the ceiling.

I was missing something--missing Him.

Then one day, a new girl to my high school shared the gospel with me during study hall. After the bell rang, I strayed to a bench in the shade, secluding myself. I said a prayer in faith, asking Jesus to forgive my sins, allowing the Holy Spirit to come live inside of me. I missed my next class, but not God. His presence filled my entire being. A boulder of care, sin, responsibility and blame lifted off of me and I felt like a new person. "Born again" was the term used at that time; and I thought it was an appropriate way to describe myself, for I had been reborn.

My life has never been the same. I know and walk with my Maker and Savior. He has given me a loving husband and family of my own, filling my life with the goodness of Him.

Where does God dwell?

The heavens, the earth, and most importantly, in my heart. All I had to do was ask.



Photo my own. View of the total solar eclipse of 2017 at near totality. Taken by my brother-in-law, Ed. A gift to Jackson and me.
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