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Crystal Jail. Part II

by Maria Jose Garcia

One morning, the King's accountant was late and to pass the time the King went to the window. He looked out and saw his daughter and Josh walking hand in hand.

His face turned red and then white in the space of two seconds.

He left his study and walked down to the garden.

'How do you dare disobey me?' he shouted.

Luna didn't know how to answer.

'And you? Who do you think you are? Who's given you permission to touch my daughter?'

'I have,' Luna answered. 'I love him.'

'Love? What do you know about love? Go inside.'

'No! I will only go inside if you let me keep on seeing Josh.'

The King looked at her. He had never been so angry before.

'Very well, young man. I will allow you to court my daughter on one condition.'

'What is it, Your Majesty?'

'If you want to have Luna's hand in marriage, you will have to bring me my wife back first.'

Josh thought the King had gone crazy, but Luna realized how cunning her father was.

'But that's preposterous, Dad! You know nobody can bring Mum back from the dead.'

Luna started sobbing, but Josh didn't let the King's words discourage him.

'Give me a week and I will bring you your wife back.'

And just like that, he turned around and walked towards the palace gate without saying goodbye.

He knew that a powerful necromancer lived on The Blue Mountain past the horizon and so he marched in that direction.

Two days later, he arrived at his destination. The necromancer lived in a cave and there was a long queue of people waiting to ask for his advice on various matters.

When it finally was Josh's turn, he explained what he wanted as well as he could.

'I can talk to the dead, but I can't bring them back to life,' the necromancer said.

Josh sighed.

'Then I have travelled here in vain.'

'Maybe not. Let's talk to the Princess's mother and listen to what she has to say.'

The necromancer moved around the cave picking up weird stones and herbs. He then recited an incantation in a language Josh couldn't understand.

The Queen appeared before them and the stable boy was about to faint.

'Why am I here?' the Queen asked.

The necromancer explained. The Queen smiled.

'My husband hasn't changed, I see,' she said. 'Tell him to let Luna ride the merry-go-round.'

Before Josh had time to ask what she meant, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Josh thanked the sorcerer and returned to the palace sadly.

The King was waiting for him.

'You are alone. Where is my wife?'

'She couldn't come, but she sends a message.'

The King snorted, but as soon as Josh repeated the Queen's words, he sat down on a nearby bench, defeated.

He remembered the day many years before when a fair had come to the county and he hadn't let Luna go on the rides. He also remembered what his wife had said to him. It had become a joke they often shared when their daughter wanted to do something he found dangerous.

'You have passed the test young man. You can court my daughter. I only hope you can make her as happy as the Queen made me,' he said.

And you know the rest: they lived happily ever after or, as we say in Spain: y vivieron felices y comieron perdices.

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