General Poetry posted April 22, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
An idea comes to life, teases, disappears.

Elusive Flights of Fantasy

by LisaMay

I had an idea the other day, or did it have me?
Where did it come from? It was flying loose and free.

Now I really want to hold it, 
pat it and enfold it,
write of it and mold it.

I touched it only briefly; it tickled me – I laughed!
It danced about, elusive, in a sunlight shaft,
enticing me to follow it, to skip and to play;
but then it got tired of me and floated away.

Ideas are friendly things – they’re looking for a home,
but they enjoy their freedom; they do so like to roam.

Here they come – above, below; 
fast or slow – you just don’t know!
Nurture them, so they will grow.

They come to life in writers’ hands and with an artist’s palette,
through dancers’ steps, musicians’ skill and with a sculptor’s mallet.
An idea’s life is judged – within the voting ballot.

Sometimes they run about, kicking off their traces,
then they suddenly pop up in unexpected places.
They might appear here at home, close upon your pillow,
or down by the river, day-dreaming ’neath a willow.

I had an idea the other night, or did it have me?
Where did it come from? It was flying loose and free.

Now I really want to tame it, 
handle it and name it,
choose perfect words to frame it.

It had its wings already, I did not want them clipped;
they flashed and soared so wildly, in silver they were dipped.
Moonlight tipped the feathers in flights of fantasy...
It disappeared completely! It clean escaped me!


The life of a.... writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem adout "the life of a..." something, anything, person, place, or thing. Be creative! Any style of poem.

Author's Note:
(Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash)

I have more ideas than I know what to do with or have time to fully capture. I have 'brilliant' ideas every day, but they often get washed down the plug hole or evaporate in the car before I get to my computer. Bringing an idea to life - breathing life into it then letting it go to have a life of its own amongst the approval or rejection of others - is surely the essence of creativity. Go, find your ideas! Clutch at half-baked or second-hand ones if you need to, but put your individual stamp on them and make them sing your song.

Recommended reading:
I read the following book a couple of years ago, and recommend it as a delightful read with inspiring examples of creative living. It will change your life, or at the very least enhance it.
Elizabeth Gilbert, "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear"
(author of the international best-seller "Eat Pray Love".)
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