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What things annoy you contest entry

They drive me wild

by dovemarie

I am annoyed by a dripping faucet. Drip, drop, drip, drop, get up to shut it off, stops for while, then more drip, drop. A dog barking at night annoys me too. I feel like getting up and muzzling him. Another thing is a song I like on the radio that I can't hear because of other stations or static interfering with it. A mosquito buzzing around my ear, the itch of a mosquito bite. When I try on a new jersey in the store, buy it, bring it home, and people don't like it. People constantly chattering in church when I'm trying to pray and meditate. Misspelled words in an article I am reading. When I keep making typing errors and have to go back and correct them. The phone ringing at 10:00 p.m.
The branch of a tree hitting against my window during a storm. When I walk into a room and find it a mess that wasn't of my own making. When I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Somebody whistling highly and loudly, and continuously. Nails scratching against a blackboard. Somebody humming when I'm trying to read a book. When somebody bumps into me and doesn't say "Excuse me." Somebody hammering away at something for a long time. When I'm waiting for a long light to turn red so I can walk across the street. When I'm waiting for a long time in the Express Lane in the grocery store. When a bicycle flies past me and almost knocks me down. When I'm staying in a hotel and the warm or hot water doesn't come up. When a car drives through a big puddle and splashes me while I'm walking. When I see the bus pulling away from the stop just before I get to it. Cigarette butts all over the grounds of my apartment building, instead of being disposed of properly. When a piece of steak in a restaurant is almost rare when I asked for medium. When the taxi driver doesn't have change. When I can't find my wallet or keys. When my glasses slide down my nose. When I'm out in the sun, and suddenly there is a rain shower that I'm not prepared for - no rain kerchief or coat. Somebody who coughs constantly. When people are talking loudly and I'm trying to have a conversation on my cell phone. Telemarketers constantly calling. When kids throw snowballs at me. When I can't find a pair of shoes in my apartment that I like. My shoelaces keep untying. When the dryer doesn't dry my laundry after I've put it in for an hour. When I lose money in a vending machine. When I'm a passenger in a car and we're passing a side street, and a car from the side street tries to get out onto the main street before us. When the pharmacist gives me the wrong medication, or something I didn't order.

What things annoy you? contest entry

Thanks to eileen 0204 for artwork.
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