Family Poetry posted June 1, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
For my Fathers: Fathers Day

The Greatest Gift

by Badger_29

Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee
~ + ~

A brilliant and driven man,
as I ever reflected-
his powerful, prolific plan
to a sucessful future, connected

My fathers teachings
are the first-
lessons I was to learn
For knowledge
they instilled a thirst,
for truth and wisdom
I yearn

I obtained an eccentric style, 
inheriting these traits-
to be artistic, questioning
  thru these trials, while
trying feverishly to equate-

This elaborate, grand equation 
we refer to as "reality"
Seeking the fragile relation-
 what was, and what will be--

For, located right in the middle 
of these two effusive events,
lies this contradictory riddle ,
that we must consent-

To spending an enormous amount 
of the moments,
as they slip away 
 We quantify, fill and count-
each and every busy day

The third of his first three boys,
 saw in me himself, the Gandy gene 
This filled him with a jubilant joy,
to my divers endeavors, he leans

He applied his tender desires
teaching, by example, 
to rise above their delusions
Filled with a righteously
furious fire, 
that burns with
conflict resolution

In Concords kitchen, 1973
I had a thick thought,
and shared
"You are delving in
Greek math",
he proudly declared!

Then there came a major change
in our family's history,
our future pre-rearranged
(further proof of the Mysteries)

Of our Heavenly father,
 who will bless
abundantly those who
acknowledge Him,
for Proverbs 3:6 declares,
"He will direct your path"
when you do

As hours flew by,
we laughed, we cried
about the flux in the mix-
as I learned,
I desperately tried-
these flaws to fill, and fix

Like so much starch
the calendar marched,
twenty years
I wanted to prove
that I could leave
a worthy mark,
with something
penned to last!

Through our trials
I was prying,
to make him my enemy-
but all the while
he was only trying
to help me finally see-

That this elaborate abstract
(which I make complicated),
could be simplified, in fact
until my stubborn ego traded-

Those ideas I
"knew" to be true,
into a more flexible vision
With light I was inbued,
now more capable
of forming 

Because I was born a fighter,
for honor, justice and peace
I am becoming lighter -
as I prepare to release 

My Fathers
 ~Honorable Spirit~
into the next relief
 joining in angelic lyrics
Founding and fortifying
my beliefs

 Certain when this life ends,
 real relief, and rest
 Turning wheel amends,
my hero has
fulfilled this test

He will fly and sing,
and I will seek to find-
A truly
unquenchable yearning,
to follow the path
that HE designed

Moving forward,
leaving behind-
that which I know I should
He knows what is best for
for He is infinitely good

If for a concrete conclusion
you are restlessly reaching,
a resolution to this

~Portray-all ~

To accept,
and give love,
His priceless teaching,
this being the

~Greatest Gift of All~

~ + ~


Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
"That burns with conflict resolution", My Dad was ever the peacemaker . . .

Proverbs 3:6 Acknowledge Him in all thy ways and He will direct thy paths

Special thanks go to lyonechka and C T Lewis for their wonderful reviews, and catching all my errors. You are the best reviewers I've ever had here.

In the last stanza I capitalized "His", but I was referring to both of my fathers. Also,
"the path that HE designed"
Implies both fathers.

When I mentioned Concords kitchen 1973, I was referring to a time we were sitting at the breakfast table and I asked him if I could measure the distance from me to a tree and multiply it by how big it looked from where I was at. He looked at me proudly with an expression which to me appeared to be surprised, proud astonishment, and said,
"Yes, that is a method that is known as triangulation, and is a trigonometric equation, referring to a branch of mathematics known as trigonometry. It was developed by Greek mathematician Archimedes, who claimed that
" You could move the earth if you had a big enough lever ".

And when and when I say there was a major shift in our family's future, I was referring to when we moved to Green River Wyoming in 1976 when I was 12 years old. There we remodeled an auto body shop into a Lafayette radio franchise. It was booming with I-80 right there, and we did a lot of installing CBs (AKA Citizens Band), and car stereos. This was a very exciting and dynamic time in our family's history and I learned a great deal from my father's business techniques.

For my dad, he is the
Greatest Dad in the world.
(See Chapter# in my Biography, Lamentations of a Little Lost Laddy)
I truly love and miss playing music with you, as you are in Thermopolis Wyoming,
and I'm in
Sacramento California.
I'm so proud of your accomplishments, and I boast to all of my friends that my father is an octogenarian who works full-time at Ace Hardware,
Plays rhythm and lead music professionally, and still learns new songs.
He Is adding his personal eccentric Gandy style, gardening, augmenting and putting His Special Touch on his home environment; setting a great example of Hard Work.

My Heavenly Father has blessed me with a truly loving and accomplished father.

~ Happy Father's Day ~

Image compliments of Google, the closest I could find to both Fathers being depicted in the picture.

When I stated that I wanted to leave my mark with something penned to last, I was referring to the book I published which is available on
"A Balanced Blend of Blues"

The following are excerpts from this book, to elaborate and emphasize my poignant point~

"My daddy told me that his antique cabinet had come around Cape Horn, the tip of Chile, in South America. This was before the Panama Canal had been built. He explained that the panes were handmade, as opposed to the machine made glass that was on the patio doors. That accounted for the irregularity that I noticed.

:He is a good mentor, always encouraging my curiosity by complimenting me not only on my ability to notice the difference, but also the awareness to ask why."

"At one point in time, my mother was a nurse at Mount Diablo Hospital, in Concord. My father was there in traction, and I went in for an inguinal hernia surgery.
I had very bad asthma as a child. When I was gasping and coughing, I felt a stabbing pain in my groin. It was my peritoneum tearing.
So, my mom came and got me in a wheelchair, and I went and had ice cream with my dad.

They wanted to do "exploratory" surgery, and by that time he had been talking to a chiropractor, and he had had enough! So, he came home and was laid up in bed for a while.

It was the beginning of training in one of my many talents, massage therapy. I had to learn how to rub his back to ease the muscle spasms. It was difficult at first and in the process, it was necessary to apply great pressure with my elbows to key pressure points.

We had some great bonding times then, as he would tell me stories of his childhood, and I would share my thoughts about this and many other subjects while enjoying the finer art of sharing fine cheeses with more "Martinellis' ".

"My father is a brilliant man of many talents.
He bought and restored a "Criss Craft Cabin Cruiser" boat, and we would go out in the ocean near San Francisco bay to fish. This would have been when I was about five or six.
He baited my pole, which had a "magical" rainbow fishing line. Well, it must have been some kind of magic, for when he taught me how to cast the line, and it went into the wavy water of the bay, I got an immediate bite.

I was so excited!

With a little help, I got my catch into the boat. It was a seven-pound flounder, and to me it looked like a flying fish with wings.

I was so proud and happy!"

"He always fascinated me with his way of putting things together to accomplish his many endeavors.
We had a back area, with a wooden gate. He made a stencil with cardboard of ivy leaves, and spray-painted the design on the gate. It was lovely, and we shared in his sense of accomplishment in these many "home" projects."

Thanks for reading.

May peace be with you~

Final edit: 4:36 A.M.
on the morning of my dear old dad's Birthday,
Thursday June 6th 2019

Abundant Blessings,

Brother Badger


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