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A look at unsolved murders

Unsolved Murders

by light

Unsolved Murders
Unsolved murders from decades are being solved with DNA.

The Golden State killer terrified California raping and killing people for 50 years. He was finally apprehended in 2018 with the of use of DNA using a match from GEDmatch, a genealogy site.

Michelle McNamara's, book, "I'll be gone in the dark" is a real-life experience that eventually led to her death. She became obsessed with finding the Golden State killer and developed acute insomnia. In her desperation for sleep, she overdosed. She was part of an online group of people dedicated to solving cold murder cases.

Michelle would track down the minutest of details and it was she who coined the phrase Golden State killer. She was acquainted with Paul Holes, a criminalist who participated in the ultimate connection of the DNA dots. Billy Jenson an online criminalist along with another online friend finished her book using her notes, and her husband published it posthumously.

These amateur detectives follow every lead and become proficient researchers. Like Michelle, Alanna, a web sleuth, is dedicated to solving the murder of a fourteen-year-old girl which occurred thirty-six years ago. Along with five other unsolved murders in the same city. She, like the the others, on her board will track even the slightest detail to its end.

It was first thought there was no DNA in this case because the semen that was found was from a non-secretor but someone else on the board who was more informed on DNA wrote that; a non-secretor just does not show a blood type. There is still DNA.

Everything needed to solve the crime lies behind the yellow tape, and that's where the online sleuths search. They comb all the hidden places that have been left unsearched. The people on these boards are serious investigators, some retired detectives and police officers, and have solved cases.

I have waited for justice to be served, and the family of the of the fourteen-year-old girl to find closure for thirty-four years, knowing there was never any reason for it not to be solved. Many townspeople knew who committed this murder and to this day are afraid to give information.

Alanna has unearthed newspaper articles from the early eighties. She also found a seemingly unimportant court case involving a wrongful termination of a deputy sheriff in 1983 which might show a motive for one of the six still unsolved murders for that city.

The local government including the sheriff and District Attorney were involved in sex and drug trafficking, paying girls as young as thirteen to participate in sexual acts with older men during the nineteen eighties. Alanna knows the name of at least one of these girls, now an adult, and is hoping she will finally talk.

It is assumed that she knows who killed the fourteen-Year-old girl and committed the five other unsolved murders in that city. People who are known to have previously tried to help these young girls have developed amnesia.

At the time it was rumored that state officials we're also participants.

The major difficulty is convincing the cold case detective to do the DNA tests which will prove without a doubt who the killer is. There are no two people with the same DNA, except for identical twins. The more I learn about DNA, the more I am convinced that there is a creator

Another problem is that most of the people who were involved are dead, but some are still in a position that keeps people too frightened to tell their story. There is nowhere to go with the information, no law enforcement agency that will take on the job of looking into these cold cases. A good investigative journalist might be the answer.


After reading about these sites I became interested and found one that was very intriguing.
I have not written anything for sometime because of my eye infection, and have trouble seeing the computer.
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