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This work has reached the exceptional level
An young adult romance very close to my heart.

Matters of heart

by Anuradha Dev

Matters of heart!

There was a guy
Headstrong and potent,
wise but self-indulgent.
There was a girl,
Starry-eyed and sensitive.

She had low self-esteem,
And he was the king of conceit.
She was awkwardness personified,
And he was charisma epitomized.
The beginning was rough,
Ignoring his self-absorption was tough.
She decided she didn't care,
He was anyway too busy
With the popular lot,
to have time to spare.

The destiny worked to intervene.
In school one day, both of them
Had to work as a team.
She hated him clearly,
But she tried to concede.
Earlier she was invisible to him
But now he started to
Marvel at her earthiness,
Which he was lacking in extreme.
He switched on his charm.
He had to try,
confident it couldn't do any harm.

Nothing he did impressed her.
Relentless by nature
He proceeded to breach
Her armor by being
Witty and sweet.
They fought invariably
But it was all fun and lively.
Little did he realise
It was his own heart of steel,
That was melting in the scheme.
He got through to her heart
But in the process
Was totally distraught.

She liked him in the end,
And saw him as a dear friend.
That was an achievement,
He acknowledged
But that was not all that he had wanted.
He wanted to hear his name
From her smart and sassy mouth,
When he pulled her close
And looked in her eyes.
He decided to stall,
He couldn't afford to fall.

Enter another guy,
Upstanding and shy.
The girl was taken by
His honesty and
A smile that was coy.
He had the qualities
She valued in a boy.

Our dauntless prodigy
Hasn't got a clue.
He was still waiting for
The right time but it was long overdue.
Her friendship was too precious
To even think of creating a mess
By bringing along strong feelings
And his desires into the alliance.

One day, a circle of
So called friends,
Indulging in idle talk,
Proceeded to reveal the secrets untold.
Secrets once shared in confidence,
Were revealed without any remorse.
Oh! He hated the lot
but sadly, he was also
the same pea in the pod.

He heard her name
And became attentive,
Oh yes! her good friend
Was exposing her latest whim,
And it wasn't him!


At the age of twelve
He had his first girlfriend.
And soon it became a trend.
No one has ever said 'no' to him,
He was just bored of
this incessant routine.
Lately since turning sixteen,
He felt a disconnect with
All those who used to be in his team.
Her lack of desire to be part of the cool
was so fresh and pure,
He couldn't resist her allure.

He questioned the authenticity
Of the source.
But in his heart he knew it to be true.
He knew rejection would
catch him up one day.
Knowing it has held him back,
to delay the pain of heart-wreck.
This pain was new to him.
His rib-cage was weighed down by a rock,
That wouldn't let him breathe.

For the briefest time,
He started hating her.
Wouldn't reply to her texts,
and calls were short and curt.
He could tell she was hurt.
But for the time being
It was all about him.
He was heartbroken,
Not knowing how to restore
his peace of mind,
he withdrew to his shrine.

Now let's hear her side of story.
It wasn't that she has
never felt the pull,
But it's a curse to be sensible.
How to experience life,
When you are playing safe
All the time?
Her own rules she tried to abide,
But their chemistry was
too strong to hide.

Being close to him made her beam,
Talking to him was just like a dream.
Their banter was always
entertaining and hysterical,
Nobody else could match, so magical.
But his self-centeredness still
Bothered her no bounds.
What guy would have behind him,
a string of fifteen exes
At the age of sixteen?
When she was still struggling
To find one she could keep.

Her strong sense of self-preservation
Has held her down,
Now she has found someone else,
Someone who wouldn't let her frown.
Mild feelings,
she has for this new boy,
Are nothing compared to
Roller coaster of emotions
evoked by our guy.
But still she won't stray,
Because she is too astute to sway.

It was a shock,
when he gave her
The cold shoulder.
It was like, to him
She was a bother.
She chose to keep her pride,
But in private she cried.
As if cutting her off
Was so easy for him.
She was just glad
She never surrendered to his will.
Cause she knew what he wanted,
She just chose to ignore the signs.
He has just proven her fears right,
This guy only loves himself.


In anger he told her that day
They were never friends anyway.
He doesn't trust anyone.
He thought he has seen the world,
And there was no one
He considered a friend.
The words hurt her deep,
He has never given her choice.
He broke into her world
When she was lonely but still unperturbed.
And now he just took the escalation,
In opposite direction
Without giving explanation.

Within an hour of this talk,
She was enlightened with a new thought.
Good riddance!
Was her new hymn.
She was strong,
She chanted along
and went through life
Like nothing was wrong.

You know the thing with anger,
When it subsides,
There comes a longing,
For the times gone by.
Our narcissist protagonist,
Was humbled in a way.
He needed this kick in the gut,
To take him out of the rut,
Of his own ego and importance.
He was angry but at whom?
He didn't know whom to blame.

Missing her badly,
He tried to make amends.
It's not easy to win back the trust,
Of an introvert who has been burned.
But she was too nice.
She didn't believe in holding onto anger,
She understood people tend to blunder.
She started talking to him again
But trusting him was another ball game.
She had her guard higher than before,
After all this guy knew how to make her fall.

Author's take :
I know the story seems incomplete,
After all where is the happily ever after
We want to see?
The thing is our guy needs to grow up,
And this was his first step ahead.
He has still long way to go.
And our girl needs to grow
some confidence and a mean streak
To deal with such a freak.
There is a chemistry
We can't deny,
But now is not the time for them.
Right now they are just sixteen.
They will meet again in the grand scheme.

The end

Share A Story In A Poem contest entry



I feel at school we meet many people and there are some who we have great connection with but because of being young, people tend to mess up the potential
relationships. So I have written about a girl who is too wise to fall into that trap. I have written about a boy who is very wise but still immature. so for them to be together they both need to meet at least ten years later.

Saw a quote, felt it resonates with this situation. Want to share with my readers.
Maybe we will meet again. When we are slightly older and our minds less hectic, and i will be right for you and you will be right for me. But right now i am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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