Spiritual Fiction posted July 10, 2019

God waits for Daniel to receive and welcome him home

God Waits

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Please read Author's Notes; God waits

God, I thank you!

You have invited Daniel to receive and welcome him to his real and permanent home.

A sagely person, he is my friend, philosopher, guide and mentor. He taught me on God and about God's words.

I'm sorry; I have no proofs about God's invitation and the HATE.

I never know who conducted the HATE and Why? How? When? Where? What for?

I never asked God why Daniel was invited. The procedures, the rules, the standards, the type, or the pattern of the HATE, if any, are unknown to me. I did not ask anyone in vain, who are eligible for the HATE and for going to one's real home.

I cannot ask God about anything of God's interest. I dare not challenge God about His acts, actions, and activities.

I saw God was waiting to receive him at his home. There were lights and smoke everywhere around me.

For sure, today, I think, I'm not eligible for the HATE.

I tried to have a visit to heaven, in order to tell man everything, about heaven for human's knowledge, first ever.

I failed to touch my mentor physically; I could not see anything distinctly, except God and Daniel. I fail to express how he was going, for sure; he was not flying, but moving.

He appeared happy, calm, cool and steady. Surprisingly, he had no pride on his face.

He told me, 'I have qualified the HATE or Heaven Accession Test Examination and am going to heaven where God is waiting to receive and welcome me.'

Next morning, I woke up at the sad barking of my pet dog. I went to see Daniel to pay my homage. I realized the truth of the dream.


For my intelligent, creative and innovative readers, I think it is not important to mention any further detail about the H A T E or Heaven Accession Test Examination, in order to keep them waiting to follow my next series

Truth is beyond one's personalized, specific, particular faith, belief, perception, concept, guesswork, assumption, presumption, knowledge, understanding, affiliation or thoughts

God is religion free

This has nothing to hurt anyone belongs to any religion, having any specific religious faith or belief

Please excuse me, I thought it was important to share my dream with you, so I wrote this; I could not investigate the dream any more, I think, I have expressed the dream truthfully and completely, as far as I could remember, without any fabrication of facts; my expression of the dream is the soul of this work, though it appears a non-fiction, but I prefer to post it a fiction, I know, truly it does not fulfil all the requirements of a fiction

This has nothing to hurt anyone who belongs to any religion or keeps any religious faith

This does not canvass or promote any known, unknown, recognised or unrecognised religion, or any published or unpublished religious books, scripture, doctrine, faith, belief, culture or practice

Enjoy this fiction inspired by a dream expressed in a bit monologue flavour

U.K. English follows

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