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Never Forgotten


by Raffaelina Lowcock

When I was young, I loved my parents so much and they became my everything; they

could do no wrong. In my eyes, they held the answer to everything dear in my life.

I could not imagine (nor did I try to) a life without them. They were my guiding light.

As I grew, they became so integral to my growth and to shaping my destiny. Our family

was a shining example of what could be created and experienced through love. Of course

I experienced the "me years", where they carefully guided me through my resentment of

sudden rules because I was becoming a young woman in need of structure for protection.

As I survived those years and looked back, I had only my parents to thank for delivering

me safely to the other side. Now that I had become a reasonable human being, I could

survey my parents candidly, and came to realize how much they had contributed to the

rather comfortable spot I found myself in. I could see how fair they had been with my

sisters, my brother and me throughout our tenuous years of growth. I appreciated my

father's steadfast, hardworking support for our sustenance, and my mother's

never-ending attendance from morning until night on each and every one of us, no matter

the circumstances, as well as the maintenance of our household. Later, I knew they were

there; it's not exactly that I didn't care, but I was using my own judgement and making

my own way through life and didn't always seek or heed their advice. I respected them

and loved them, but so many things captured my interest and I led such a busy life.

I, of course, was caught up in my own life. I now had a husband and four sons and their

demands became my everything. I made many friends through the years, weaving the

fabric of my life. As well, I had a very demanding career in administration.

My parents were still present, sharing my joy, my family and my friends; they

now played a supporting role, and were there when I needed them. Yet they

withdrew... there were no demands. My attention was elsewhere, not because I wished

it, but because it was necessary. I knew I was getting older, yet I forgot they too were

older. Slowly, my attention was called for, a little at a time, due to illness, loneliness

and needed assistance. My father suffered from a heart condition which saw him in

and out of hospital for a few years. My mother had similar problems and soon

Alzheimer's reared its ugly head. There were times when we were not sure if she really

suffered from it, since it is an on-and-off type of disease rife with mysterious periods.

Then there was a reversal of roles; the child became the parent, the parent the child. They

became my everything once again.

We cannot stop the march of Time, much as we wish we could.

Non-Fiction Writing Contest contest entry


Life has a way of flowing forward without attention sometimes to our valued treasures. And soon we realize there are spaces and empty chairs and so many missed opportunities to give value where value was due.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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