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A newspaper editor has a plan.

A chapter in the book Killing the Ripper

The Deception

by Thomas Bowling

On September 27th, John Moore, Manager of the Central News Agency, called all the reporters to a meeting. “We received a letter this morning from someone saying he knows all the details of the murders and informing us it would happen again.” He read the letter to them. “The letter is signed, Jack the Ripper.”

One of the reporters was elated. “Jack the Ripper. It's a newsman's dream. A name that will breathe terror into every person in London.”

Moore held his hand up to quiet the room. “It's a complete fabrication. Whoever wrote this is a journalist. There are no spelling errors and the grammar is excellent. He used words that only an educated man would know

One of the reporters spoke up. “How do we know the writer wasn't educated?”

“Believe me. It's a hoax.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because I wrote it.”

“Why would you do that?”

“The Press Association has been covering the story. This gives us information to print they don't have. Every time they use the name Jack the Ripper in one of their stories, we can have a laugh at their expense. Meanwhile, our subscriptions will increase.”

“Mr. Moore, you're a genius.”

“I know. The story will be on the front page of tomorrow's edition. I want 2-inch block print, 'Jack the Ripper' .”

-------       -------       -------

On the evening of Annie's funeral, the prostitutes were again gathered at St. Botolph's Church. Shawnee was inconsolable. “She was so sweet. She always 'elped anybody who needed it. She watched the children while their mothers entertained gentlemen friends. I hope they catch the bastard whot did this. They should give us a chance to 'av our way with 'im. He would never 'urt a woman no more.”

Emma said, “They know who 'e is now. 'Is name's Jack. They'll catch 'im for sure. How many Jacks can there be?”

Shawnee shook her head. “About a million. Don't be a sot. It's a made up name. The Bobbies want us to think they're doin' somethin' Why would 'e tell anybody who 'e is? 'E would 'afta be stupid.”

As much as the women professed their friendship with Annie, none of them attended her funeral.

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