Western Poetry posted August 3, 2019

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The first true American hero

Ode to the Frontiersman

by RodG

He blazed a trail into new land
while chasing deer and other game.
His fights with Injuns hand-to-hand
began the legends, brought him fame.

His buckskin garb, his coonskin cap,
Kentucky rifle, powder horn,
lead balls in pouch on shoulder strap,
and beaded moccasins well-worn.

A "woodsman" was his stock in trade.
The forests, still a wilderness,
became his home, a world so packed
with trees it seemed incredulous.

A hunter bold, par excellence
whose tracking skills and senses keen
enabled him to bring back game
to settlements when crops were lean.

A nation new began to stretch,
to push its given borders west.
The Appalachians beckoned men
like Boone to cross. He led the quest

for cheaper land already owned
by Chickasaw and Cherokee.
Frontiersmen fought until they'd won
Kentucky first, then Tennessee.

The immigrants soon boated down
the wide Ohio to Cairo,
led once again by buckskinned men
who fought and helped our country grow.

cowboy poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
write a four line, seven stanza poem about the old west. rhyming method: 1st stanza
2nd and 4th line must rhyme. 2nd stanza, 2nd and 4th line must rhyme, etc,



Artwork is courtesy of Googleimages.

The Frontiersman begat the Mountainman who begat the cowboy. James Fennimore Cooper introduced the Frontiersman into world literature in his Leather Stocking tales like THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS.
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