Spiritual Poetry posted August 23, 2019

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A poem describing the war of addiction that went on in me.

The Last Light Soldier

by Fonda Little

"When The Holy Ghost speaks,
I choose to listen,
because we are on A Godly Mission,
to spread positive influence,
through God's Will,
for the blinded masses,
deserve and need to be healed!

I was lost but now,
I am found!
All those drugs did,
was help me bury,
my heart deep underground,
with my sight,
and sadly also my will to fight,
but Jesus is such an amazing digger,
and He is so, so, so much bigger,
than I thought,
much bigger than all the drugs I bought!

The real me,
locked away,
just a single candle,
in my cage,
and a torn up,
crumpled page and messy pen.

I was tricked and blindfolded,
and led there,
and had been there since I can't remember when.
I'm amazed how The Lord,
got me away from him!

'God I need You!'
I scrawled out on that page,
and made it into,
a paper airplane,
and with that last ounce of will,
I threw it through the pain,
the evil, sadness, and doubt,
and screamed to the devil,
'I'm getting out!'

He snickered,
and licked his pointy fangs,
and I watched impatiently,
through the bars,
I used to rattle and bang.

My how that Little Paper Airplane,
transversed through,
the violent war in me,
while the Warriors of Light,
were getting gunned down,
all around,
as the evil's bombshells,
hit the ash-ridden ground,
but that Little Paper Airplane,
Thank You Lord,
the evil never found.

That mustard seed of faith,
that little spark of hope,
that I screamed from my throat,
was my last ditch effort,
with what I wrote.

It made it through,
freezing rain,
thunderstorms of my past mistakes and my shame,
for it safely made it,
to God's Mighty Hands,
and He sent His Son!
If that wouldn't have happened,
I would have surely been done!

He made it to me,
almost dead,
and entered my heart,
straight through my head!

As the evil, war-crazed vagabonds,
marched on The Last Light Soldier,
they felt this lump in their throats,
and such a weight in their stomachs,
the size of massive boulders!

The soot-covered sky,
they all saw it divide,
and I and The Last Light Soldier,
lifted our arms as we cried!

The vagabonds looked to the devil,
but he was nowhere in sight,
in utter shock and fright,
he lost all will to fight,
and turned tail,
and ran out of me,
all the way back to hell!

They bowed to The Shining Savior,
here to rescue,
The Last Light Soldier,
as the,
cage door burst open,
and I was finally set free!

As we were both lifted up,
they all yelled,
"Can we come too then?"

Jesus said,
'Depart from me,
for I never knew ye,'
and those evil men,
took leave of my body,
with a last salute,
from my Light Soldier friend,
for he gave them respect, even then.

Jesus was made,
Completely of Light,
what A Glorious, Awe-Inspiring Sight!

He spoke softly,
'Listen carefully,
my two little friends,
I need you two to help Me,
save so many women, children, and men,
that don't yet know Me,
or The Love and Guidance,
I can give them.'

We both looked at one another,
and I said to The Last Light Soldier,
'Do you think we can do this my new-found brother?'

He smiled and took off his helmet,
and I was in for yet another amazement!
It was The Holy Ghost,
all along,
who gave me this very gift,
you see,
set before your very eyes,
that I pray,
reaches your heart,
to that you,
and your pen, page, cage, and,
little flame,
in hopes that you start to rely,
on The Might in Jesus's Name!

The Holy Spirit leaned forward,
I can still hear it,
It said, 'Young child,
you better believe it!'"

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Can you write a poem that cheers lonely hearts, soothes tired brains, inspires the soul. Any style, any length.

I am Seven Months Clean and Sober By The Grace of God!!! Hallelujah!!! At the time I felt very alone in My Walk with Jesus, of course I have Him always but at this part of My Walk I had no one to fellowship with. I was in the process of getting the, "so called", friends out of my life. People who only used me for what they could get out of me that only tried to take advantage of me and felt like I was the only one trying to do right by God. That's what inspired this poem of The Last Light Soldier! I have learned in my recovery and Walk with Jesus that if God wants someone out of my life that I should NEVER use my self will to bring them back in because it only allows them to hurt me more and more each time. What you allow is what will continue and you have to get rid of the wrong friends to make room for the right ones! I pray this poem blesses someone and is exactly what they need to hear and All The Glory, Praise, Honor, and Respect Goes to God because He so rightfully deserves it and always will and God bless all of you In Jesus's Almighty, All Powerful, Divine, Holy, Majestic Name, The Name Above All Names I pray, amen, Amen, AMEN!!!
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