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Jeremy and Jessica are being held hostage.

A chapter in the book Pushed Too Far

Breaking Point

by Mistydawn

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

The cool night air gently brushes across Jeremy's face as he steps through the school doors for the final time. The horde of spectators has quickly vanished leaving a few discarded programs behind. I'm so glad my nightmare is over. He pictures the graduation ceremony and smiles. Memories from the joyous occasion are replaced by horrific images as he trudges down the weathered, concrete stairs.

He first recalls the numerous times he was cornered in the bathroom. The way they pushed him around in the gym. The excruciating pain that followed the horrific encounters. He then remembers the way he'd cower in the corner, feeling helpless and alone. How his peer's hurtful rants would replay like a broken record over and over in his mind. The way their damning words left him feeling like he was a mirage of a human, a waste of space. He then remembers all the times he glanced around the classroom, wishing someone would reach out; tell him he's not alone. Maybe take a stand against his horrid peers. Everyone turned their backs on him. Pretended they didn't see the brutality.

He turns towards the three-story brick structure for the final time. "So long, walls of hell. I hope I never see you again."

He's heading across the darkened lot when someone calls his name. He turns to find Jessica running towards him. A grin spreads across his solemn face as he waits for her to catch up. She's the only reason I'm still alive, why I go on. He's contemplated suicide numerous times over the years. He'd then picture Jessica's grief-stricken face and decides he can go on a bit more.

Jerr-bears, you were right. Things did work out after all," she breathlessly exclaims.

"So, you're not pregnant?"

"No silly." She playfully slaps his arm. "Paul asked me to marry him." She holds out her left hand.

Jeremy notices the rock that covers her entire finger. "He what?" He bellows, trying to process what he's been told.

"He asked me to marry him. His proposal was so romantic with music and flowers. His dad was there too. You should've seen it
Jerr. It was every girl's dream."

Excruciating pain surges through his body. Like his heart is being ripped right out of his chest. Tears swell in his sad hazel eyes as precious times flash through his mind. He reluctantly pushes the cherished memories aside. "How could you, Jessica, huh, how could you?"

"How could I what? Why are you acting this way? I thought you'd be happy for me."

He throws his arms by his side as he stomps his foot on the ground. "I thought you loved me not that douc bag, Paul." His upper lip snarls as he says his enemy's name.

"I do love you. You're my best friend and I love you forever. Nothing will ever change that."

"Then marry me, not him."

"I... Ah..."

Getting down on one knee, Jeremy takes her hand in his. He's dreamed about this moment his entire life. Often practicing what he'd say. Nervously gazing into her big baby blues, he begins. "I love you with all my heart, with every ounce of my being. I have since the day we first met. I'd be honored if you'd take my hand in marriage. Be my one and only, my true love, my wife." When she doesn't answer he quickly adds. "I promise to take good care of you and the baby." He gently lays his hand on her stomach. "I promise to love it the way I would my own. Please, Jessica, please be my wife; let me spend the rest of my life with you."

Jerr-bears, I love you, I really do..."

"Then marry me and not him." He looks towards the school and glares.

"I love you as a friend, not a lover."

 Tears stream down his somber face as he rises to his feet. "No, Jessica no, please don't say that. Please don't deny the feelings we have for each other."

"I wish I did love you the same way. I really do, but I don't." He turns away. She gently places her hand on his trembling shoulder. Fighting back her tears she continues. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I really am. It was never my intention to hurt you this way."

He spins around. "I never intended to fall in love, but I did." He darts away.

"You'll always be my best friend no matter what the future brings." Jessica tearfully exclaims as he darts out of sight.

Some friend you are. Choosing my enemy over me. Special moments come to mind as he wipes the moisture from his face. We've had a lot of great times together. Wonderful times, moments I will never forget. He then recalls their first kiss under the starry sky. How their one magical kiss turned into a night of hot, passionate love. It was the best night of my life.

He then imagines what his life will be like without her. How miserable he will be. I can't let her go, I just can't. Wiping the tears from his cheek, he rushes across the yard. He grabs her arm and spins her around. "What we have is special. Something you don't find every day." He strums his fingers down the side of her face as he continues. "We both felt it that night at the park." He dreamily gazes into her eyes. "The wonderful, magical evening we lost our innocence together."

"The night was sensational, Jeremey, it really was, but things are different now. I..."

Putting his finger to her lips, he gazes into her big blue eyes. "I love you Jessica, and I know deep in your heart that you love me too." He pulls her against him. Her breath escapes her when their bodies connect. Holding her against him, Jeremy reaches up with his free hand and stokes her angelic face. "I love you, Jessica and I know you love me too," he repeats. Leaning forward, he gently brushes his lips against hers. She sighs. Their lips gently touch again. Jessica grows weak in his arms mesmerized by his spell. He feels her tremble when his tongue separates her soft, honey-sweet lips. That's when he realized their one night of passion would never be enough. That their young hearts desired more. 

 His kisses start out gently, but his hot, raw passion savagely emerges to the surface. It was a flaming urge he'd never felt before. The feeling becomes so intense, so merciless that his romantic gestures become sensual, erotic acts of heated lust.

A soft throaty cry escapes her. Jessica intertwines her fingers in his hair and pulls him in close. His hardness rubs against her. Jessica moans in delight.

The two are so lost in their moment of passion they don't hear footsteps tromping across the yard.

"Get away from her, you moron." Paul bellows as he shoves Jeremy away.

Jeremy stumbles backward landing in the dirt.

Paul turns towards Jessica. Flames shoot from his eyes as he growls through gritted teeth. "You damn whore." Raising his fist, he punches her in the nose. Blood splatters across the ground; her head begins to swim; her body weaves back and forth. Paul swings a right hook. Jessica tumbles to the ground. "I'll make you lose your damn kid and then I won't have to marry your sorry whoring ass." He kicks her in the stomach again and again. She doubles over in pain.

Springing to his feet, Jeremy charges towards him. Tony and Jeff grab his arms and pulls him back. "Leave her alone, you ass-wipe," He screams as he tries to break free. The two drag him further away. "If something happens to her so help me God, I'll kill you, Paul. I swear I will."

Paul turns towards his pals. "Take care of my light work, wouldja." He glances at Jessica bleeding on the ground. "I have more important matters to take care of."

"Sure thing, Paul. Come on, you loser. Let's go." Lifting him up, they carry him across the yard.

"I'm coming for you, Paul. For you and all your friends." Jeremy yells as the two goons shove him in their car.

Seeing Jessica is struggling to get up, Paul pushes her back down.

A mix of tears and blood streams down Jessica's face when she glances up. "Please, Paul, please don't do this. Please, let Jeremy go."

Grabbing her hair, he jerks her off the ground. Paul glares into her baby blues and growls. "You better worry about yourself and not that loser ape-man." 

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