General Poetry posted October 1, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
Is giving a pet for a gift such a good idea?

The Unlucky Puppy Betrayed

by Patty Palmer

Betrayal Contest Winner 
Last year at this time
When I was just a pup,
In a box, under a tree
I was wondering what was up.

I heard people talking
But couldn't understand.
Then the box was opened
And I was picked up by a man!

The man handed me to
A young teenage boy.
I was his present and
He screamed with joy!

The boy played with me
Taking me everywhere.
We were two amigos
And we didn't have a care!

Knowing the rules of the house
Where to "go" and when,
He'd open up the door,
I'd run out and then back in.

But, one day my loving boy
Seemed preoccupied.
He didn't want to play
And didn't let me outside.

When I tried to snuggle
He just pushed me aside.
That hurt my feelings
So I sulked off to hide.

Often now, he forgot
To let me out the door.
I really had to "go."
And pooped on the kitchen floor.

Now the man was really mad
Because I'd made a mess!
He yelled at me and hit me!
Seemed they loved me less.

My boy, always busy now,
The days are terribly long.
I spend my time all alone
Wondering what I did wrong.

Between the "accidents"
And scratching at a louse,
The angry man threw me out
Now I live in a dog house!

It's getting cold out here.
The snow makes me shiver.
Now when I see my boy,
I get scared and start to quiver.

From the house, I hear laughter.
I see the lights on the tree.
Comfy by the fireplace
They've forgotten about me.

I really love my family!
Why did their love fade?
My heart now is broken
I feel lost and so betrayed.

So, If you know you want a pet
For a gift that really wants to be
Don't go out and buy one
Just come here and rescue me!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any form or style with Betrayal as the central theme.

Contest Winner

It sounds like a great idea to give a child a pet as a gift but unless you know a pet is truly wanted don't make that decision on your own. Ask the parents first before showing up with an animal. Too many animals end up mistreated or forgotten because the real wish is, they wish you hadn't done that.
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