War and History Poetry posted November 8, 2019

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All Veterans-Past and Present

A Salute!

by Commando

A "Salute" to Robert Lee Waldron an Angel of God!

A Salute!

~Dedicated to ALL Veterans-Past and Present~


Headstones along the Hallowed grounds mark their places, God touches their faces!
Epitaphs are chiseled row upon row--aligned toe to toe as tiny flags wave hello. 
All pledge allegiance to Ole Glory, then wrote their story, "With bonded ties and misty

eyes we say goodbye to all."

"HURRAH," for our heroes who died not in vain; yet, marched to fame and immortality.
Who are heroes...what makes them tick? Are they giants and hard as brick?
Are they superhuman wearing armor clad suits with dashing looks?
Of course, not! They're no different than you or I. They walk, talk, laugh and cry.

Ages 1 - 100 plus, forever be faithful to our cause, and be grateful for their courage. 
Plant their memory in your hearts. Securing our right of choice to rejoice
was costly; yet, they bravely paid their part from the start. Walking among our HEROES,
  I stand chest out, chin up, tall and SALUTE them all!

They battled at Fort McHenry from dark till dawn's early light; yet, went on to fight. 
At Bull Run, Antietam and Chancellorsville, all's blood ran red it was said.
 Brother against Brother fought one another. Father fought
Son. All traded meat for potatoes at the garrisons.

They died in the trenches of WW1, bodies blown apart by the super guns.
Thousands wore blisters from a mustard bath, others choked on phosgene gas.
Around 2,403 died in our Pacific Fleet. Sweet, Jesus! What a deceit!"Remember
Pearl Harbor," they yelled as the A-bomb blew our aggressors to hell!

And now, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey are on-going today; yet, who's to say.
Will others follow at a later day?  Will other heroes fight and die, and if so, WHY?
May ALL of our heroes know--where they will go, when roll call is taken. May
their memory perpetuate within our hearts, minds--alway to find,
that they are remembered in our prayers as well.

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A Salute, my friends! "They did not die in vain; yet, marched on to become our heroes while making immortal their patriotism and virtue. No death is to insignificant to remember when that life was lost at the behest of society. May we always pay tribute for their service to God and Country. I pray we never forget, the moral strength and awesome power that can flow, when united together in a just cause." A big "THANK YOU" for reading my presentation, and to Cleo85 for the awesome artwork. Happy Veteran's Day and God Bless. Respectfully, Bill Bishop.
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Artwork by cleo85 at FanArtReview.com

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