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a one scene script with Pons and Ned

Scene at a Christmas Shop

by Bill Schott

Scene opens in a huge Christmas-themed store. Pons and Ned meet up at the center in front of a stand displaying Christmas tree ornaments.

Ned: Hey, Pons!

Pons: Hi, Ned. I see you're out getting ready for Christmas.

Ned: Yup. Thunk I'd git Maw sumpin ta hang on her tree utter than them old pop-sicker stick reindeers and pipe-cleaner angels I made her.

Pons: I'm sure she cherishes those, Ned. How old are they?

Ned: I jis made 'em last year after I ate all them pop-sickers and cleaned all a Pap's old pipes.

Pons: Okay. Why were you cleanin' Uncle Otto's pipes? He's been gone for years now.

Ned: Beats me. I think Maw jis finds thins' ta keep me busy. She had me rotatin' the dang tires on the truck agin yesterday.

Pons: You mean from back to front? In an ex?

Ned: No, I mean from the truck to her station wagon, to that old step-up truck what's on blocks, to a old hippie van, and then back to her truck.

Pons: Right. Hey, look! (
pointing at a store-Santa approaching with a bag over his shoulder) Here comes Santa Claus with a sack of toys.

Ned: I ain't sayin' he's the real Santa, a course, but I hope he's got a surprise fer us in that there gunny sack.

Pons: I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask.  (
calling to the man dressed like Santa Claus)  Hey, Santa! What do you have for us in your bag?

The man in Santa attire steps up to Pons and furtively reveals that he is actually Pez.

Pez:  (playing along) How are ya, Pons?  Yeah, I have a number of items here in my magic bag for all the good boys and girls.

Pons:  Neat, Santa!  Can my cousin Ned and I get an advanced gift from you today? We've been good.

Ned: (
fascinated)  Wow, Santy!  I ain't actual talked ta ya afore. What's it like at the Sout Pole?

Pez:  Hi, Ned. Well it's --

Ned: Pons!  Santy knows my name! I knowd he were real.

Pons: (
a bit startled along with Pez at Ned's reaction)  Yeah, Ned. Of course. He's Santa Claus.

Pez:  Yeah, Ned. (
reaching into the bag which is filled with balloons) Here's a balloon filled with magic air.

Ned: (
eyes wide and mouth agape)  Magic air?

Pez:  Yeah. You keep this balloon tied up somewhere that you need a little magic. That place will be magical for as long as the balloon has air in it.

Pons: That's brilliant, Pe -- uh -- Santa.

Pez: Yeah. What can I say? I'm Santa Claus. (
then whispering to Pons) At least until I can pay my winter taxes.

Ned:  I might put this magic balloon on top a the Christmas tree instead a that paper plate angel I cut out fer Maw last year. 

Pons: That's a great idea, Ned. (
then turning to Pez)  Thanks, Santa, for making our day.

Pez:  (
locking eyes with Pons) You bet. I hope you have a real good Christmas.

Ned: See ya, Santy.  Tell Jesus 'Hi' fer us.

To be continued...




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