Spiritual Poetry posted November 30, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
What a walk through the gates of heaven might be like

Palm On My Arm

by JLR

Palm on my arm, helping to guide me straight
Praying hard this will unlock heaven's gate.
Time and again I've had no guide with me
stuck among the shoals of life's stormy sea.
beyond hope, for this call, I shan't be late!

I enter Autumn years on knees prostrate!
Mourning the years when my faith did deflate,
as heavens guest, these Hosts plea a decree,
Palm on my arm.

Angels walked beside me through heavens gate
Their stillness and peace made me feel so great!
My lost family, I started to see,
and there sat God beside a cherry tree.
He acknowledged me as I felt the weight,
Palm on my arm.



Rondeau--week of 11-29-2019
The rondeau is a syllabic French construct of three verses: a quintet, quatrain, and sestet. The lines are in two lengths, the main length and the refrain. The refrain is the first few words of the first line.
1. The form is created from three stanzas. A quintet--5 lines, a quatrain--4 lines and a sestet--6 lines.
2. The first half of the first line in the quintet forms a refrain line. This refrain is used for lines 9 and 15.
3. The quintet has a rhyme scheme of b-b-c-c-b.
4. The quatrain has a rhyme scheme of b-b-c-A, where A is the refrain drawn from the first half of the first line of the poem.
5. The sestet is rhymed b-b-c-c-b-A, where A is again the refrain line.
6. Being a French form the meter is accentual syllabic.
The refrain line is usually 4 syllables or two verse feet. The refrain is, usually, the first part of the first line.

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