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guy helps ex to move on

Just pick up the pieces

by heavenempress

"Just pick up the pieces, honey and I might take you home," she softly spoke as she popped her head out of the red-shiny, March car model. She looked so bright and with a watery smile, she caused my heart to freeze. She had for long managed to retain her beauty and no sign of wrinkle attempted to appear on her skin. As I adjusted my naked eyes to the penetrating light, she gave me an inviting look that was completely genuine. Embarrassed, I only managed to utter
"Susan, what are you doing here?" She asked.
She was the last person I expected to see me in this mess up, I thought! I gave her my back and wished her to disappear but knowing the kind of person she was I had to think fast.
"Susan, please am fine. Go wherever you are going, pick me later!"
I shouted. She growled sympathetically and before I could do anything, she suddenly stood beside me. My eyes were full of tears now as I still find it difficult to fully open my eyes without my protective glasses. I had suffered a stream of unfortunate incidences today. She assisted to gather the disintegrated frame and two lenses. I felt relieved as she handed me,
"There we go sweet boy, what happened, it seemed you had a little accident," she spoke with concern as she reached to brush off dirty off my head and shirt.
I couldn't help keeping her away. In resignation to her irritating presence and concern, I decided to carelessly pour myself out.
"I missed my morning exam," I thought I had all under control but walked in too late. Can you imagine that!! Susan was inspecting something on the ground. She began giggling. "Hey!! You never wanted me to write these exams. Why can't you appreciate". He stopped as she rose her hand high still giggling.
"No. I didn't say anything but first can you tell me what the hell went about this place?," she paused.
"Let me guess!!! You missed your step as you were taken airborne by this slippery banana skin," she giggled more as she lifted and suspended the banana skin in the air. She moved a few metres away and she could spot all the pieces in the earlier action.
"Can you explain more around this half-eaten melting ice cream". I felt angry and wanted to hold her by the throat but she was quick and smart to read my thoughts.
"O poor Sam, can't you see you are making life hard on yourself," she funnily shot a piece of jeering advice.
"You work too hard, you cannot stay away from people like me. I looked at her with a hateful look that cautioned her to keep her distance but she was not the type of person to scare away.
"I got a picture! You missed the exam, bought ice cream but forgot to mind the path and eventually you ended up falling off of this piece of Banana skin". She smiled as she brought the banana skin close to his face as she thrilled in her imaginative mental script. I stood up, straightened myself, getting ready to pull away from her before any action that I would regret.
"Well, I cannot wait and listen to one who tries to make fun of me," I took two strides, giving her my back but the heat was painful to my eyes in a way to disadvantage my pride. "Where are u going? Is there any line up for party bashes this coming weekend," I said in a calculative provoking manner.
"You know life goes on, will be chilling out with friends. Are u still that traditional --type of guy, stay at home guy! I suppose you managed to find someone who matches your hard- to- please character". I could sense and trace back the pain endured for the past many weeks.
"Uuu- mmm chilling out, I hope you don't end up with children," I said lightly.
"On a serious note, you are really struggling to settle since we broke up." I paused as she kept quiet and steadily drove. It was too hard to admit and her earlier actions projected her struggles.
"Listen I never meant to break up with you but you were so demanding, I could not keep up with some party- seeker girl who cannot see anything worthwhile apart from a Party -lifestyle".
"You are so obsessed with this party thing and forget even to spend time with me. How would you have expected me to cope." Tears streamed down his cheeks as he slowed down and parked the car by the side road.
She took a deep sigh and with a calm, low voice she began to narrate her ordeal. "When my mother died, she left me in the hands of an abusive relative. She abused me by overworking from early hours of the morning till midnight without rest. I was in charge of all the work at home. The time I was enrolled at nearby local primary school, was the moment of liberation and was so happy and I felt a relief from the pressure at home. One day at school, I saw my best friend being abused by my teacher. It shocked me!!!! I felt unsafe since then. I struggled in fear through my education till the end since there was no way out for my life. Emotionally, I distanced myself from both my teachers and my relative and it contributed immensely to my failure. When I suffered from a severe stomach --ache, I was therefore diagnosed of blood cancer and a good Samaritan sympathized with my condition and granted me a one year job which enabled me to buy a car. When the contract ended failed to renew because of poor health. I resolved to spare not my life from any kind of funny. I could not bear thinking about my predicament endlessly. Am disciplined lady though its difficult to understand...." her voice finally failed and a shift of meaningful silence took over.
"I thought about picking pieces of life but in my state, there were no pieces to pick at all". Silence followed. She suffered much. Whenever I wanted you to understand I noted there was an element of rejection that was featuring in you and I could not bear to tell you my condition so all those parties was a hideout and some form of security.
My tear line broke loose and my cheeks were wet with torrents of tears. I could not help it! I felt that I had treated her so harshly without understanding the underlining reason for her previous action. I resolve to pay attention to her as a caring friend. She began to manoeuvre the car after a couple of minutes elapsed. I looked at her and with a soft touch on her brake -resting right hand, I said am sorry. I felt the return of that deep connection and behold this time it was so serious with meaning. I was so sure she felt the same too. We became that day's party buddies and friends forever.
The end.

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