General Poetry posted January 11, 2020

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A poem about Angels

Angels Basics

by GE Parson

Angels, mighty in power
Doing God's bidding
Every day, night and hour.

Ministering spirits around God's throne,
Sent forth to minister to God's saints,
When life seems harder than stones.

Sometimes in human affairs,
Angels are greatly involved,
Ministering completly unawares.

And unto the helpless little ones,
Angels have a special ministry.
Woe! Woe! Woe to those guilty of abortion. (Matt.18:10-14)

Angels in the judgment hour
In obediance to God's command,
Will cast the wicked into hell fire. (Matt. 13:50)

Angels are not to be implored unto,
Worshipped or in any way revered,
For it was Jesus died for me and you.

Angels do not comprehend,
The terrible suffering of Jesus
Who paid the sin debts of all men.

Nor do angels understand,
Yet have a personal desire
To look into salvations plan.

So what do you think, good neighbor?
Have you given any thought about your slvation?
Wouldn't it be a good thing to consider?
- by G. E. Parson

God's personal plan of salvation is very simple.
A -admit to God you are a sinner. "Dear God, I come to you
a sinner..
B -believe sincerely from your heart in Jesus Christ, .. be-
lieving sincerely in my heart...
C-confess your faith in Jesus Jesus Christ as my
sin-bearer and personal Savior."

You need not promise God anything, just simply believe in His only begotten Son; as Acts 16:31 says "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved"
B. Saved From Hell
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