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another chapter in this saga

A chapter in the book The Book of Retirement

Her retirement

by Iza Deleanu

 He told me that if I want to retire I need  a totl of X years of work combined with Y years of age and you need a total of 78? Seventy what? Holy macaroni! Who is going to live that long? For sure I am not! Too many Cancer signs running in the family… He catches the part with the Cancer and declares:

- No worries, Hon, you are a Virgo, so you are a survivor.
            Trying to squeeze some years in I innocently asked:-

- What about my 10 years from back home, do those count towards anything?

 -  Nope! Your clock started to tick in the direction of retirement in 2009. Since you didn’t get a proper job until 2013, my Love, you will be retiring in your grave…

- Thanks Captain Obvious, and knowing you, you will make me buy it in advance, I mumbled under my chin.

- What did you say?

- I said I will retire in an urn, Sir! The grave it will be too expensive, and I can’t afford that with this financial disaster.

- Well the only chance for you is to win the Lottery.

- Yeah as if I really have luck in that department. The results of playing are the same as my writing: “Try again! This seems to be a non-winner!” I really love the disclaimer part: “Play responsibly.” In other words, stop wasting your money… That’s why the winning the lottery option is your department. I will continue to try my luck in the Writing Department. Who knows maybe one day I will win a contest and start making a living out of it? And then…

- Sure, Hon, dream on, with your English you will win lots of …experience … no money, no island life for you. In the meantime, let me get you a Cuba Libre, it’s minus 40 today so you need to keep your retirement dream … handy.

What can I say, my man is careful with my dreams, he makes sure to keep me in the Oblivion so Cuba Libre and a movie about the island will help me get through the day. But seriously, do I really have to die working? Is there no exotic escape for me? Oh, Brother! No rich relative that I don’t know about it? Oh, Lord, save meeeeeeeeeee!


This is a new chapter in my book about retirement. The book is fiction in nature, and no hero got a chance to retire yet. If you would like to know more, please read my previous chapters. They are very short and easy to read. As always thank you for taking a chance on this piece, and since English is my third language please help me with the grammar.
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