Spiritual Poetry posted February 10, 2020

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My heart-felt letter to the man who kept me alive

Daddy God

by Sunryze

I dedicate this letter to own father, who never stopped praying for me when I was at my lowest, and to my heavenly father, who saved me through Jesus Christ.
God, I have doubted if I was significant enough to be noticed.
After all, I am only one person.
You've created many more than just me.
I often feel small and insignificant to any big plan,
Yours or any others.
It is beyond me how you can remember me amongst so many.
I feel unworthy of any given you have given me,
and guilty,
As if somehow I had gotten someone else's gift by mistake.
Did you really love me that much,
That you gave up a part of yourself,
Just so we could be with you?
Is your love that great,
That you would give us blessings that we,
In ourselves,
Did not deserve?
It is beyond my ability to understand fully this kind of love.
The tears roll down my face,
As I know I did nothing to deserve such love.
No words come from my mouth that would describe
The deep emotion I feel.
I am only one.
How can you love someone
So insignificant as me?
I am truly nothing without you.
I could not live a day
Without your guiding hand.
In my foolishness I tried to do the right thing
On my own,
Without you,
But I could not.
I feel so ashamed that I thought that i could do on my own
What only you could do through me.
I don't understand why
You would bless me so many times
Even though I had turned my back on you.
I know how much I hurt you,
And yet, you still love me.
I'm undeserving of your gifts,
And yet you give them freely,
Asking nothing but to love you in return.
I wish I could repay you
For the blessings you have given,
Providing every need,
Even when I was far from you.
I cannot promise I won't fail you,
Because I know that I will.
All I can do is reach my hand to you and say,
"Daddy God, I love you beyond the depths of my heart"

Faith Poetry Contest contest entry

During a point in my life where I had once felt like I didn't want to live, I felt a great peace, comfort, and joy that I couldn't begin to express except to write a letter to the only person that kept me alive when I didn't know if I really wanted to remain on earth. At one point, I even laid in bed, feeling like my spirit was slipping from me. What little strength I had, I cried out and said "Jesus, I'm not ready." I have no doubt he heard me, for my spirit returned to me, and the clouds began to lift from my eyes. I realized that everything happened for a reason, and I was never alone.
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