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Courtney is thinking about oddities how she was raised.

A chapter in the book Murderous Intentions


by Alyssa Weisbrod

Courtney's family has always seemed perfect, even to her most of the time. After some surprising events, Courtney is beginning to wonder just how perfect her family really is.
Courtney was brought back to reality, cringing at the memory that she had never before realized was not how a normal family behaved and not how a normal father talked to his daughter. How had she never realized all of the little things that were very odd about her family and the way she was raised? She loved her parents but she was beginning to notice all of the small ways in which they may have handled situations in a completely skewed way; like being punished for your father choosing to take you out of school in the middle of the day.

Clearly it hadn't worked that well in regards to her success thus far' she had barely passed the bar and needed her mom to help get her a job interview. And look how well that had turned out. It got her trapped in a nine by nine room with corpses for roommates. Who even knew if this was the guy that her mom thought he was or if it was some creep impersonating him.

Either he was just some sort of sociopath all along and her mom had never realized it or he was, in fact, impersonating Bill, out to get her for some unknown reason.

She wondered what her parents were thinking right about now. She was still living with them since graduating from law school because she couldn't afford her phone bill and groceries, let alone all of the other expenses that accompany living on your own. She had just never shown up at home after her interview and she didn't know if they would be worried at all.

They probably weren't worried. They probably just thought that she had completely tanked her interview-- which she had but that's beside the point because they didn't even know that-- and had just gone out afterward to blow off some steam. How long would it take them to realize that she was missing? Most likely not as long as it would take them to actually do something.

Courtney's parents were both very driven and determined people, just not so much when it came to getting things done in regards to their family. They both, but Chris a little more, tended to become overly occupied with all things having to do with his law practice and the upkeep of their social image. Chris's law practice was the most important thing in his life and he valued it above all else, including his family.

Courtney's mom didn't mind much because she was exactly the same way with other things. She didn't work because Chris would not allow it when he was perfectly capable of providing everything they needed on his own. Instead, Melody had to find other ways to fill up her time, because there was no way she could have just dedicated it to her daughter to properly raise her. No, that was the job of the countless daycares and babysitters that Courtney was repeatedly handed off to while she was growing up.

Instead of spending time with her only child, Courtney's mom was a member of a number of social clubs that were too many to count. Melody did with those clubs exactly what Chris did with his practice, she dedicated her every free moment to them.

Courtney couldn't believe she had never really noticed how distant she was from her parents before. When it is just what you experience every day, you never really expect anything different. You never understand that that isn't how their families are. She never really had any friends outside of school growing up because she had always been taught to focus solely on school because that was the only way she would amount to anything.

She had never been a part of any clubs, had never participated in any activities that didn't boost her GPA. But, hey, at least she had graduated with honors, right.

That's where her success in school had ended, though.

College and law school had both been very different for her. She had had to study in high school but not quite to the extent of her further education. She had felt like she had no time to do anything except study, and even then, sometimes her all wasn't enough. She had barely passed some of her courses and the only reason she even got into law school was that one of her professors had vouched for her and wrote her an amazing letter of recommendation to someone he knew quite high in rank at her law school.

Her dad had told her he wouldn't vouch for her to help her get in. In his words, he was not willing to put in a good word for anyone who couldn't already make it on their own. She had gotten lucky that her professor had been so generous. And that she had at least done well in his class so he didn't know how much of a failure she was in her other classes.

When she first enrolled in law school she had been extremely nervous because of how hard her degrees had been for her to obtain. She had gotten lucky one day when she was going through some old boxes in the basement of her parent's house. She had found all of her dad's old notes from law school. They were super detailed and definitely the only reason she was able to make it all the way through law school and managed to pass the bar, even if she barely did. She knew her dad wouldn't help her study himself so his notes were the next best thing.

With all of Chris's attempts to try and teach Courtney life lessons and force her to learn the hard things on her own, she had been surprised when he had allowed her mom to set up the interview with Bill. She had always thought he would make her find her own job without any help because of how much she had clearly disappointed him.

She had never quite been able to wrap her head around her father and the way his mind worked. The way he made decisions never really made any sense because some days he could be a nice, loving father while other days he was closed off and punished her for things she couldn't even understand. Her father, and her mother as well, would always be a mystery to her. Courtney didn't know if she would ever be able to understand her parents.

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