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A true resurrection story

After The Fire

by Brenda Henderson

There was a movie on television the other day. I noted the title in the information bar while channel surfing and it stuck in my mind. It was called "Things We Lost In The Fire." I must confess that I've never seen the film. I probably will try to view it at some point but for the purpose of this writing it's the title itself that is evoking a response within me. Perhaps it's because often that's how I get things. The title generally comes to me first and the rest follows in the flow.

This particular title set my mind reeling. I guess because to me I have been in the throes of a fiery trial for about a year now. In retrospect as I look towards the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel I can't help but pause to reflect upon the things that it felt like I lost in the fire.

There were relationships among family, friends and colleagues that will never be the same. When you have a little trouble most people can weather that, but when it takes a while and you flounder long enough people, places and things tend to fall, drift and sometimes even run away.
Anyone who has been there will tell you that trouble does things to people. Sickness and death take their toll and ofttimes leave regret, obligations, increased responsibilities, grief and pain in their wake.

So I guess by now you're beginning to wonder just what it was that I lost amid this fiery trial of affliction. I guess I'd have to say; ME! That is the version of myself that existed before the fire. The faith-filled; joyful, and in many ways still innocent, sheltered wide-eyed, hopeful optimist; so full of love and radiant with creativity and happiness; THAT GIRL! Yeah, I lost her in the fire. The thing is before I could come out I had to turn around, rush back in and rescue her OUT of the fire!

I had to bring her through memories of long forgotten and buried childhood trauma and insecurities. I had to locate and bind back together all the many pieces of her broken heart and the fragments of her childhood dreams and professional aspirations. I had to repair her self-esteem and with God's aid and assistance renew her Faith and resurrect her Hope in God and herself. And, now as I rush for the door with her wrapped safely in my arms and Me in His; we emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes poised to step into a new chapter and a new day.

You see amid this world-wide pandemic and atmosphere of suspicion and fear I've come through that door a woman. No longer fragmented and broken but steadfast and sure-footed. Ready now to build a new foundation on stronger and more solid ground. The chief cornerstone has already been laid.

Who will join and or continue this journey with me? We'll see. I am ready now; A strong capable and somewhat defiant woman resolved to climb higher and be stronger than ever before! If you see me you'll recognize the girl is still there. She's tucked safe and securely behind the corners of my smile. If you're mindful you may catch a glimpse of her in a flash in the light of my changeable light brown eyes. With the right invitation she'll still come out to play. Only now, she's playing for KEEPS!

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Psalms 118:22

"The stone which the builder's refused is become the head stone of the corner." (KJV)

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