General Fiction posted May 19, 2020

Optimistic Voting

The Running Over Cup

by Lucy de Welles

I voted for "None of the Above."

Don't know what's gotten into me these days. Seems like platitudes I've been hearing forever are striking me the wrong way. In every way. Like the other day in the grocery store line when I was eavesdropping on the conversation behind me.

"Well, you know. You have to choose! Is your glass half full, or is it half empty?"

I was shocked at the wave of hot anger that rose from my middle right up to my face. I turned around and interrupted their private conversation.

"Who wants a half full or half empty glass?"

There was silence.

Glancing around, I saw about twelve pairs of nearby eyes fastened on my mouth. What had I just done? Did I smash someone's sacred cow? Maybe even mine?

I have been so proud of myself over the years, righteously confessing that "my cup is half full, how's yours?" As if I was Patty Perfect.

Suddenly, I felt powerful! Yes! Who wants a half-full anything? Did I? The way that one feels after filling up the gas tank, swept through my soul like a fragrant wave of Old Spice. Yeah. "My cup runneth over," is better.

Floating back to reality, one of the ladies unfroze and replied, "Well, I've never thought about it that way before."

Her fellow conversant agreed. "Yes. I'm going to share that at the ladies meeting this week!"

Were we having revival in Kroger's?

Together we decided to forget choices A & B and optimistically vote for C: None of the above.

I voted writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story beginning with the words "I voted - " You can continue the sentence as you wish. Beyond the opening lines there are no rules. Maximum word count is 500 words.


Following this event, I decided to seal the deal on my wall with a homemade photo and hang it on the wall in my office. It watches me from it's place of prominence while I write these things to you! Be encouraged.
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