Horror and Thriller Fiction posted July 28, 2020

This work has reached the exceptional level
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by elchupakabra

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.


I- I-I’m…

Spit it out, yeah?

I’m, I’m l-l-leav… I’m l-leaving.

Oh, is that right? Where are you headed?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Off in dreamland again. Try making yourself useful instead and get me a beer.

I said, get, me, a beer.


Fucking bitch!

Ohh! Owww-- p-please st-stop! St-stop, I’m s-s-sorry. I’ll d-do as you ask. I will. I will. I’ll be g-good. I s-swear.

Look, I’m sorry you made me do that. Nobody out there wants you, don’t you understand?! I love you! We’re all we have. You need to stay here because out there, they’ll never accept you. Just like they haven’t accepted me. You're mine!

B-but I… d-don’t want to. I’m s-sorry. P-please, d-don’t hit me again. I will try to l-learn. I will l-learn. I will.

Just get up for fuck’s sake. I didn’t even hit you that hard. You’re embarrassing yourself. I said I was sorry, what more do you want from me huh? What do you want?


H-here, y-your b-beer.

That's better, fucking next time just list-- AHH! What the fuck are you doing? Oh shit, no, ahhhh! Fuck! You fucking bitch, are you fucking crazy!? I’ll fucking kill you! Ah fuck, ah ok, ok, I’m sorry! Oh God that fucking hurts!

I j-just, I just, I just...

Oh my God, I think I’m dying! Fuck! I can’t believe you fucking stabbed me you fucking crazy bitch! You’re going to jail, I’m going to make sure you go to fucking jail! Do you fucking hear me? You're fucking done. Where’s my phone? Where the fuck is it? Why are you just standing there you fucking psycho bitch? Call me a fucking ambulance, I’m fucking bleeding here you fu-- Ahhh you fucking cunt! Fuu-- uggh…………………….



I… I c-can’t stay here… I-I’m s-sorry. I-I… I forgive you.

Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell happened here?

Nice of you to join us, partner. Male vic, middle aged, stabbed to death. You can see some initial stab wounds on the arms and chest, a nasty one right here, he would have bled out without help. This is what did him in though… something like 20-30 stab wounds here on his back. Looks like he was crawling for the phone. The unis got a pool going, I got $20 on 22.

You’re sick.

Ah, go fuck yourself.

Where's the perp?

In the wind. The guys are shaking down the neighbors but we wouldn't have gotten a call if the neighbor hadn't seen the door open and found the body. If they didn't hear this shit, odds are unis are gonna' come up empty. We've sent some badges out to the local train and bus stations, a couple to the airport too; let's see if we get lucky and catch her. Odds are she's long gone.


O-o-one t-ticket p-please.

Where are you heading?


Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry


unis - short for uniformed police officers/regular beat cops (often used by plainclothes detectives)

Sadly, one major problem that has arisen from Covid-19 and quarantine is a massive rise in domestic abuse cases. Domestic abuse is completely unacceptable, so if you see something, say something, impossible as that may seem in the moment. There are countless support programs available in your local area. This piece is meant to inspire awareness.


For help and support: https://www.thehotline.org/
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