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The Ballad of Silly Sam

by Chrissy710

The Ballad of 'Silly Sam'

This ballad tells of Silly Sam
Who thought Corona was a sham.
A non-believer who when asked
He said "I will not wear a mask."

He really thought he was immune
But, lesson's Sam would learn real soon
Defied the rules mixed with a crowd
"No mask I'll wear" he shouted loud.

Refused to stay home through lockdown
Instead, went in and out of town.
"I know my rights, in case you ask
You cannot make me wear a mask."

Sam would not listen to advice
And soon they knew he'd pay the price.
His arrogance would flabbergast
"I will refuse to wear a mask."

And then one morn when he awoke
His throat was sore, he thought he'd choke.
He found it hard to breathe then gasped
"Perhaps I should have worn a mask?"

The Doctor's office Sam he went
Where swabs were taken and then sent.
Sam coughed, and spluttered, and then asked
"Please help me Doc, I need a mask."

T'was hospital Doc sent him to
They put him in the ICU.
To save his life for them the task,
He could not breathe without a mask.

But then the virus took a hold
His friends and family were all told.
"Today we think will be his last"
Sad tears ran down inside their masks.

They watched as Sam took his last breath
This virus took him to his death.
They laid him in a real nice cask
If only he had worn a mask!

Christine 31/7/2020


I haven't posted for a while, but as we are now facing mandatory face mask wearing in my home town of Ballarat in Country Victoria Australia, I though this poem may be appropriate especially for all the 'Silly Sam's' out there in our community across the globe who cannot see the consequences of defying medical and Government advice and who still think this Virus is a hoak or not serious I would ask you to think again

Every day I read the news and listen to our premier of Victoria tell us of the growng numbers in our state (many now of community transmission, because stupid people cant stay home when diagnosed positive with Corona virus) Yes we have had mistakes happen in trying to control this pandemic but there is no rule book for this and most people are trying to the best and stop the spread.

Social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing a mask is not to hard to do and if those affected all self isolated correctly we may have a chance to control the spread.

I am currently completing a poetry course on line through distance education and the assignment is to write a ballad. As ballads are often written on current event and Corona seems to be the most current event throughout the world I have used this non mask wearing Sam ( I AM SURE WE ALL KNOW SOME) as an example.

Our Numbers in Australia are growing everyday and now in my state as of the 1/8/2020 everyone is required to wear a mask when out in public

I have also been making masks for friends and family ( my sewing machine was dusted off and it still works (haven't sewn anything for about 10 years, LOL but it is running hot now). Making masks is my way of helping and it is also therapeutic.

I close now and please stay safe everyone and if required PLEASE WEAR YOU MASK

Thanks for reading my work

Thank you to wrjart for the image Covid-19- hug

Cheers Christine
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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