- Life's Choicesby fionageorge
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Which way to go...?
Life's Choices by fionageorge

I am the words within your head.
Listen to me before you're dead.
You think you're smart, you know it all.
But you'll be heading for a fall.

The choices that you make today,
cannot be changed, they're here to stay.
They'll follow you throughout your life.
May cause your loved ones pain and strife.

Think carefully before you take
that turn towards so much heartache.
Your so called friends may egg you on,
but when you need them, they'll be gone.

Replace the hatred in your heart,
and choose to make a brand new start.
The flame of love lives in your soul,
please let it burn, and you'll be whole.



Author Notes
Australian English
aabb rhyme scheme
No particular meter

Thank you so much Angelheart for the use of your stunning artwork entitled 'the Egotist'. I felt it so accurately reflected the two choices to be made in life...


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