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Thorny beds,
Vexation's sting... by royowen
Silver Lining writing prompt entry

Have you received vexation's sting
as if your virtue's taken wing?
Your life can lose that peaceful seal-
when people lie or cheat or steal.

But don't despair your life won't wilt
though others fail -- if faith's not built
on sandy shores -- or river's silt.
For though your flesh be torn to shreds-
in pits of briar's thorny beds....

Don't despair...

Come build your hope where beauty's flame
burns bright when clothed in Jesus' name.
salvation's rock, on this you'll stand
sin's billowed storms can't breach this land.

R.Owen 1/10/2016

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about something ugly (war, hate, cruelty) - but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.



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