- The Ceremony of the Black Horseby Wabigoon
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The Ceremony of the Black Horse by Wabigoon
Poem of the Month contest entry

The Ceremony of the Black Horse

at Danny's Inferno Bar
the stripper in for the season
looks bored while she guts
the carcass of Prufrock
Le Sacre du Printemps --
the Dance of the Sacrifice --
pounds from the jukebox

editors look on from evacuated sockets
filled with white maggots

Apollo warned them
they weren't supposed to look
weren't supposed to see
the death of the last original person
which precedes the delivery of the Final Solution

meanwhile the knock-kneed virgins in tutus
are hacking off Ahab's head
so the White Whale
can sound down
Lady Lazarus's
locus ceruleus

outside in below zero silence
the frozen doe's eye cracks like cheap glass
and all the secret dreams
poets forget every night
pour out in a werewolf hush
to be shipped to me
for Christmas


Author Notes
Seven eights or more of the human brain is considered off line. It isn't. It's just that it's the body, the "unconscious," etc. We are trained not to pay attention to it.


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