- Old Memories Die Hardby justjo66
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Love remembered and Lost
Old Memories Die Hard by justjo66
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Old Memories Die Hard

Old memories die hard.
The saying that time heals all... is so untrue
Those that say it have never been scarred
I'll never get over... loving you

You come to me in my dreams
So young, tall, and lean
We walked by Montana's streams
I was just a girl of sixteen

Old memories die hard

The day you left me I grew cold inside
You stood in my mother's yard
In all your vanity and pride
You were leaving me with no regard

I gave you all my love
You laughed as you turned to go away
The angels hid their faces above
As I begged you to stay

Old memories die hard

Love has a high price to pay
Lonely nights filled with tears
Your memory never goes away
Yes, the years have brought affairs

Regrets I have many
But never of loving you
You married a girl named Jenny
I learned to give my heart anew

Old memories die hard

Writing Prompt
Write a poem where someone loves another who doesn't love them back. Be creative. It doesn't have to be a human. It can be, but it could be an alien, an angel, a mermaid, etc. Anything you can think of as long as the topic is unrequited love.
Unrequited Love
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