- Solid on Faith's Rockby LisaMay
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Reflecting amidst awe-inspiring beauty.
Solid on Faith's Rock by LisaMay
30 Syllables writing prompt entry

Lakeside church of stone:

peaks walk on water under a parabola sky,

reflecting on our small lives,

solid on faith’s rock.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that only has 30 syllables.

Author Notes
How could one not be moved to awe in such majestic surroundings?
Being uplifted amidst grandeur and beauty, I've tried to capture a biblical feeling by bringing in motifs of "walking on water" and "parables".
The reflections may be transient, but the faith is on a solid base.
Initially, I had put the last line as "clinging to faith's rock", but that sounded a bit desperate, so I changed it to "solid"... although, on reflection, maybe "clinging" is a more appropriate word to use for these troubled times, where it feels like we are clinging to the wreckage.


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