- Owe Deer! Hoo Gnu?!by Rachelle Allen
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Anne interruption wile righting a homonym poem
Owe Deer! Hoo Gnu?! by Rachelle Allen
    The woes of Homonyms! Contest Winner 

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Ones upon a thyme,
Eye tried too right a rhyme.

Aye started it write hear,
And hoped it wood sound deer.

Butt, sadly, it did knot.
(Though Eye gave it all Aye got!)

Four a dear came through the door,
And then fell upon the floor.

His legs whir in a not,
(Broke a bulb of 60-what!)

Then the next thing that Aye gnu,
Eye could here hymn shout, "Yew who!"

Eye did knot no watt two dew,
With this cousin of a new.

Sew I invited hymn inn fore stew.

Hee was delicious.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem on the woes of Homonyms; poems must include a minimum of 4 different sets of homonyms.
The woes of Homonyms!
Contest Winner


Author Notes
It's sew frustrating two knot bee able too finish something yore trying two rite!


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