- Lazyby nomi338
This work has reached the exceptional level
A disgruntled former slave speaks out
Lazy by nomi338

I have toiled in dark coal mines
To provide your home with heat
Forced to go hungry at times
While you never failed to eat

I have tended to your crops
So, you could increase your wealth
I have worked until I dropped
Forced to pray for your good health

I have suffered your abuse
And I dared not to object
You say I'm of little use
Deserving of no respect

Your memory must be gone
Your mind a little hazy
After all the work I've done
How dare you call me lazy


Author Notes
Image taken from the internet and renamed Former Slave.
There is no axe grinding here. As the holiday Juneteenth is approaching I was reminded of how some called former slaves lazy because they took a few minutes to rest up and relax.


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