- Bikini Battleby LisaMay
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A teenager obeys her father.
Bikini Battle by LisaMay
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

Alan asked Meg to go swimming with him on Saturday at Summerbreeze Beach: a pretty spot with gleaming white sand. 
Meg excitedly bought a new bikini swimsuit. When her dad saw what she had bought he was outraged. 
“I will not allow you to be seen in public wearing those flimsy bits of string and tiny triangles!” 
He demanded that she take her old one-piece costume to the beach.
The two teenagers went away for their picnic. When Meg was dropped off back at home her father asked how she’d enjoyed the day.
“We had a lovely time skinny dipping.”

Writing Prompt
Take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story in just 100 words. If so, this is your opportunity to shine. The story can be about any subject you wish, creative approaches are of course encouraged. All stories must have the following: Main Character, Setting, Conflict, Resolution.


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