- The Appointment by Ben Colder
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Forgiveness speaks louder than words.
The Real Thing
: The Appointment by Ben Colder

A PTSD victim finds healing in forgiveness


Gary Wheeling sat quietly staring at Clara knowing she would probably do most of the talking.
Dr. Redmon focused on positive results from the last visit and inquired if any unusual symptoms or upsetting dreams or nightmares.

Gary was discrete, but Clara was concerned about the reliving of trauma events. It was almost like it was happening again.

Dr. Redmon listened as Clara explained some of Gary's latest actions while he sits quietly staring at the door. She finished with her enlightenment and waited for a response.

Concerned about the sudden change, Dr. Redmon prescribed a new medication however, Clare was against the idea.

She had researched the reports of certain medications that contributed to suicide and was not happy with the decision, but the visit was over with the new prescribed medication to be mailed to their home.

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Two days later, inside Clara's purse, the phone vibrated. The name, We Do Nails appeared in big bold letters. She answered as Si Wee Yu, reminded her of an appointment. This was Clara's chance, Gary had never met the lady and perhaps it could be good therapy, but it could also be dangerous. She knew that severe emotional distress or physical reactions might be the reminder of a traumatic event.

Thursday morning, appointment day.

After loading the breakfast dishes inside the dishwasher, Clara gathered her thoughts as she stopped and looked at herself in the hall- tree mirror.

She whispered a silent prayer hoping God would create the perfect opportunity for Gary to meet Si Wee.

Her faith along with Bible knowledge granted the understanding that if God be for you then who possibly could be against you. Beneath her breath, she reminded the Lord of their conversation.

Clara backed the Honda Civic out of the garage while Gary sat in his pickup truck listening to music.

Today was just another one of those times when negative thinking desired to rule the mind.

He had no problem with Clara getting her nails done, but he offered no interest in meeting Si Wee.

Clara drove the car just blocks away when in the rearview mirror, she noticed one of Gary's Army beer drinking buddies pulling into their driveway.

Despite the fear of the unknown, she was determined to believe God would answer her prayers.


Author Notes
The word sits or sit. I tried using sat but the editor corrects it to be sit or sits. Ug.

I am sorry to be late. I have been away, but will try and finish this story. Thank you for understanding. I think you will learn an answer to a serious problem many Vets suffer. It may never work for all, but some it will. Thanks for reading.


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